Whats best to cube if my ethereal already got 65% vengeance?

whats best to cube besides dawn? echoing fury? or valla’s strafe pierce?


For GoD? I’d put in Valla’s.

Nice score on the Ethereal.

I’d cube Valla’s or Fortress depending on play style.

You could also cube Cirri and use Holy Point Shot if you got a good one. That should add ~14% more damage via cold damage if you get to 60%. If you lack cold rolls, even more. Not sure if this beats Vallas/Fortress as this is hard to measure. Probably …?

Any great rolled quiver might help too. Rucksack has one more stat (you can roll +sentry to + HA). So possible with vit, CDR and AD. I’d decide it depending on the items you have available.

Fortress is your best bet. Extra survivability, killer sustain, and the ability to keep up squirts a little longer puts it at the top of things you’d want. Odysseys End is an option, but there’s a bug with switching generators (similar to the momentum bug) thus ends up not being worth it for most players.

Do not go for vallas legendary affix. Vallas essentially “simulated” the 9F breakpoint, regardless of what breakpoint you were at. It’s value is watered down this patch due to the fact that with the buriza ethereal, you’re already at the 9F breakpoint. Couple this with rocket storm and the Vallas affix has little to no opportunity to proc additional projectiles. It’s worth less than half a GR. For perspective, cubing fortress and keeping up just 1 stack of squirts more on average >>> Vallas.


thanks all, how about that frenzy buff from echoing fury?


No, definitely do not do that. You will drain your hatred too fast and ruin the breakpoint. Remember that the GoD 4-piece bonus has a 9 frame internal cooldown which means no matter how fast your Strafe attack speed is, you cannot bypass that internal cooldown.

thanks! yeap i did some testing and its true my hatred’s gone too fast with echoring fury, so i guess fortress balista is the best then?