What should I be doing now?

I know my gear isn’t “perfect” but I really need some advice of where to go from here. My current plan.

  1. Get an ancient or better Lamentation
  2. Get an ancient or better mortick’s brace (for pushing)
  3. Apply augments to all of this gear (I’m assuming all red?)
  4. Replace the gems in the weapons?

Am I missing something? This is genuinely my first full season (last season I was brand new and played the campaign with a demon hunter before adventure mode).

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
My character can be found at d3planner . com/356719884

I’m guessing you’ve logged out in your speed set up, but otherwise it looks pretty solid gear wise.

You’ve got 148% on your Lammy, Max is 150%, so it’s pretty decent unless you get an ancient with similar or higher.

Morticks with Physical %.

Augment with Rubies, for strength.

The gems in the weapons are already max, and the right ones.

Pretty much just keep spinning and getting more Paragon, levelling up gems, better gear if you find it, augmenting as you find good pieces that are not going to be replaced for a while.

Also, get an Immortal token, and an Occulus ring for your follower.

I’m not sure what you mean by logged out in the speed setup? If you mean that I’ve maxed all of my paragon stats except for the main…yes.

Thanks for the other advice…I’ll work on that in the coming days :slight_smile:

Your skills, passives, and using Gogok gem, is usually a speed farming set up.

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Yes… Read Free’s guide (sticky at the top of the forum).

Yeah, it’s working well for speeds…group 90 in under 3 min usually. I have seen some push builds that are similar but run Mortiks and the set weapons (little rogue and slander)…Not sure how far to push this…I know it’s still super early in the season

I’d roll CDR on the weapon instead of RCR. A non Ancient bracer with Phys % and CHC will be better than your Ancient. Get a Bane of the Stricken leveled and you should be able to easily solo well past GR 100.

Nice catch (on the CDR vs RCR roll)…thanks. With bane of the Stricken…which ancient gem would I swap it with?

Drop Gogok for pushing GR’s.

You can swap them back for speed rifts and bounties if you prefer

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Check the complete guide for answers to all your questions: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)


Free’s 1000th post. I was here for this. #pinned.