What new do you want in Diablo 4

how about this idea:

an automatic item buff and nerf system.
based on statistical data aka item usage %

-most used items per slot gets nerfed
-least used items per slot gets buffed
-this happens periodically, idk, once a day/week?
-nerfed items eventually go down the list, and a different item becomes the most used
-buffed items eventually go up the list and a different item becomes the least used
-after hundreds/thousands of cycles, item usage will be evenly spread through all items.

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How about make the game first, Meta later :wink:


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Automatic buff/nerf can’t work well imo. There is more to balance than statistics.
Data on which items are used is very relevant for making decisions though.
Not all items will have numeric values that can easily be adjusted either, and with others an automated process can’t determine which number should be buffer or nerfed.

Like, how do you balance Enigma?

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End-game for me has always been PvP. I would like a deep complex pvp system with titles, gear, and missions. D3 was considerably more lackluster without PvP. I cannot understand how they did not prioritize PvP from the ground up… I mean, wasn’t it pretty obvious PvP was important in D2? I know some players weren’t into it but im willing to assume most were. If D4 doesn’t have PvP, I’m afraid I will be disappointed.

  1. Cursed items/items with both positive and negative effects, including positive and negative unlockable affixes
  2. Customizable clan fortress which serves as both PVP and PVE battlemap for multiple formats of endgame gameplay.
  3. Bounty system ala Assassins Creed Odyssey, notoriety/star level for criminal activities. NPC and PC bounty hunting of PKers (as well as other criminal activities besides just PKing). Choice to kill or capture your bounty. Captured bounty goes to prison dungeon and either waits out “sentence” timer or “prison breaks” by fighting out of PVE prison dungeon.
  4. Destroy/rebuild towns and other hubs of civilization with quests and incentives to do both.
  5. PVE and PVP seige warfare with clans.
  6. More meaningful traps and environmental hazards in dungeons and overworld. Maybe a Wound system where you can only sustain so many Wounds incurred by traps before you die no matter what your hp situation is.
  7. Skill system like The Last Epoch (or better)
  8. Passive system like the best of PoE and Wolcen (but better)
  9. Mastery system like in Assassins Creed Odyssey, its like limited paragon but with a ton of different stats you can spend your points on (up to 20 on each stat) and each point in a stat gives diminishing returns so stats don’t get crazy but it still gives you a sense of progression.
  10. Treasure maps, yes.
  11. Crafting minigame, optional for slightly better or more controlled affix outcomes, ala Dragon Quest 11.
  12. Something more meaningful to do with all my excess legendary items besides salvage. Kanai’s cube was a nice start but more can be done such as with a Research System like in Rust. Essentially you keep grinding up excess copies of your items to learn from them and this unlocks more and more control of your crafted outcomes. This should be done in an incremental way so that unlocking everything will require sacrificing dozens and dozens of the item. By using legendaries as unlock costs you’re making them much more useful in a living economy as well.
  13. In general, tons of crafting skill unlockables that incrementally promote a more refined experience of crafting.
  14. Tower battle endgame ala Lost Ark. Solo and group tower sequences where you fight matches against monsters. Each match the monsters get harder but also the gameplay conditions, win conditions, and arena configuration changes from match to match. The more consecutive matches won, the greater the reward.
  15. Really nice ambush system where monsters can spring up out of nowhere and knock you off your mount as you’re traveling but make it fair and interesting and fun lol.
  16. I feel like its important to reiterate that something new, big, and exciting has to be done with skill and passive trees in the Diablo franchise. I realize what was revealed in the demo was a work in progress but I just want to say there are some really nice systems out there that are fun to manage and interact with in competitive games and what was displayed in the D4 demo was not close to being on par with what is out there today let alone 2 years from now. Just saying, this is one area where antiquation and nostalgia have very little place. Revolution here will be welcome 100%.
  17. In general, a variety of endgame activities, upwards of 15 or 20 activities. Enough that no player can possibly do them all every day and so have to choose how to spend their playtime. Choice is king. I have suggested many imo great activities in this post alone.
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Ok last night some of us in the DIABLO IV - Feedback Collection Thread where looking at Grim Dawn and it’s constellation tree, I put out the Idea of the Tomes from Deckard Cain’s Library.
I’ll post a short version here.

So as I see it at this point the Tomes of Deckard Cain can have a Bestuary as well as Hell/Demonic, Heaven/Angelic and Sanctuary/Ancestral Powers, the Learnings of skills, unlocked Plans a World Map as seen by the character using it Fog of War type of thing and whatever else the Devs see fit to put here.

This should be easy to bring in as lore friendly as well as when leveling.
It started around here for those that want to read the full discussion.



I think a dynamic Sanctuary would be quite interesting! it would make it feel like you actually made a difference to the towns and cities.

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There seems to be verry good idea for a deep enough skill system. That would fit extramely well with the bookshelf suggestions I made. Take a look to original post if you didnt read it. The synergie of all those ideas with tomes, knowledge and skills would bring a whole new deep and imersives system to the game.



just kidding… :kissing_smiling_eyes:

On a more serious note. Monster Hunter Style crafting/loot system. I believe there was once a plan in D1 or D2 to have monsters drop what you’d expect. Zombies drop limbs, wolves drop fur, stuff like that. These can be applied to all mobs or just bosses. This way you’ll have an additional reason to grind specific areas. This is like Boss specific legendary items. Apart from equipment crafting, these materials can also/instead be used for crafting consumables(like potions) but with varying effects. The effect and strength of the effect depends on the materials.

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Ok when I’ve had dinner I may look at starting a list of similar things from older posts I had one on Hidden dungeons and make it with a heading of the Tomes of Deckard Cain.

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Remove +2 to all skills and/or defense bonus… or maybe even just reduce +2 to +1 all skills and remove the def bonus…

There are quite a few other runewords that have good defense but don’t have faster run/walk (nor teleport) on them… No need to keep that on Enigma tbh…

I mean sure, it’s been long time but just an example… Just because it’s a runeword doesn’t mean it should be broken AF (though to be frank isn’t that easy obtainable) lol

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Weather having an impact on gameplay. Weather amplifying skills or pushing players to shelters like inns where we can gamble, rest, barter, trade, warm up and play mini games. Specific monsters only coming out in certain weather. Accumulation of water, snow or sand to make us think about different routes. Monsters conjuring cool weather affects like blizzard on us instead of that stupid looking spinning frozen thing from D3. Stuff like this :slight_smile:


Yeah, but my point was that, you cant make an algorithm figure out how to nerf Enigma - it would have no way to determine which part of the item was the problem. The developers probably can do it just fine.
Though I’m afraid even if you removed everything else on Enigma, the teleport would still be too strong - you would likely need to nerf the teleport itself.
Of course this is a D2 specific issue, in a game where all classes already had good movement skills, that teleport would be much less of a balance issue.


Nox and Titan Quest have this and it is great. Plus, it adds that monsters using cool looking items can drop them for the player to use them (can unlock a transmog).

I would be great to have this things.

Now that’s the way to get Crafting started think of all the different things that can be made with monster/mob parts, no need to go down the MMO/WoW point of making Bags from leather but you can see how this alone its great for any basic Crafting Skills.

Weather can/should change the way some spells work, I have posted a few times that If a Druid had a Quicksand Spell think of how rain, storms or snow can be used to enhance it.

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You guys dont realize that Enigma without Faster Cast Rate is pretty much useless.
Only the faster run/walk and +2 to all skills is usefull to clear maps faster and the str. gain per level to wear more gear but if you are say a paladin and you have no faster cast rate have fun getting interrupted while teleporting.

The solution is easy… increase the cast rate breakpoint required for teleport and manacost/ressource cost.

i would like a longer Lore part;
-where players cannot be powerleveled, so they enjoy an aRPG, not a speedrun endgame, to complain about.
-where each character gets a stash tab…!

I’d like food as an alternative to healing with potions. Make no mistake I still want potions. Alternatively I’d like to “cook” or “craft” meals that give you healing plus interesting bonus’ that can give the player a slight edge for really hard PvM areas;


The Horadric Sandwich

  • 3000 Healing Per Second
    • 1% Healing based on missing health
    • 10% Healing per Second
  • Regenerates % resources based on missing health
  • +5% Movement Speed for 100 seconds
  • +2 Random Magic Properties for 100 seconds

*The Horadrim wandered far and wide to gather the finest of ingredients for their lunches. It’s looks nothing like picture but it sure tastes great!

(Consuming them uses them, and they don’t stack. Buffs and Debuffs are removed after the time period runs out.)

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