What NEW class do u want to see?

i would like to see…
Dragoon- Physical, cold and fire as its primary damage dealings
Utilizes lances, Javelins, and possibly dual blade polearms(i think theyre called swallows)?.

Death Knight- Exclusively 2handed weapons and primarily shadow/death/blood magic.

Cant really think of another bow user or caster that isnt alrdy in the Diablo verse.

Is there a reason you created a brand new thread rather than just contributing to the existing 300+ post thread on this exact subject…

annoying pessimist.
You do know its okay to start new threads on topics , considering that discussions get convoluted and derailed when they have 300+ comments?

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It’s frowned upon to clutter a section with multiple threads on the same subject.

You really didn’t provide a proper reason why you started a new thread rather than posting in the existing one.

no it’s not.

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Bloodmage as a VITA class…

and maybe Necro designed as VITA class aswell…

and a Warlock Class (INT)

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Can that even work? Vitality as a main stat? The more health you have the more damage you do? Sounds very interesting. I wonder if D3 can actually produce like a bloodmage set with Necromancer, it actually sounds really fun.

yes, a vita class gets stronger with more health, and has x-times the health of non-vita classes, but health would then also be the only skill ressource.

A desperate need for attention.


Dog Welder
Primary element: fire
Weapons: welding torches ie mig/tig welders, plasma torches, arc welders.
Resource: dogs
Primary attack: welds dogs to the faces of his enemies.

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Some chakram-wielding mid-range class like a Dancer, but obviously closer to Diablo lore.

I’d go with Seraphim / Arch Angel. Clearly a Holy Warrior. but also vastly different from Crusader and Paladin. Make him a INT instead of STR character.