What is going on with asia?

have you seen the monsterously bad launch of asia season 25…

-people are not getting challenge rift caches
-some have rebirthed old items and paragon into season
-some have REBIRTHED ETHEREAL BARTUCS into leaderboards…
how is this not a roll back time?
not only are people being disadvantaged with no challenge rift cache and bad game load times/blocks
but people have literraly broken the game and brought season 24 BACK INTO SEASON 25 WITH SOUL SHARDS LOL

Yeah something is wrong over there, Dh with loads of primal shadow gear from rebirth? Pepole on leaderboard with ethral weapons.

The drop chance for the gems are also Very low.

The Asia servers have been messed up since the end of S24. I’m sure that as soon as Blizz figures out wtf happened that all of Asia will get rolled back to a great many player’s salty tears.

There’s part of me that thinks someone screwed up and is going to lose their job and another part of me thinks that someone lost their job and this was their parting screw you to Blizz on the way out.


They’re onto it.