What is Additive/Multiplicative Damage; A Modern DH's Perspective

Damn dude, putting in work. It looks great, thanks for picking up the torch.


Thanks, I will be needing some validation on some things because there may have been changes to the game. I have been cross-referencing the multipliers with the d3planner site and there are some slight differences on certain things.

For example, d3planner states that the species multipliers is separate from the elite multiplier, so if using +30% damage to demons and +30% damage to elites, it should be 1.69x damage to elite demons, contrary to what the original guide stated (1.60x). Can someone verify these things to determine which is correct?

In the meantime, I will be siding with the d3planner’s version of damage calculations since they are more recent; but if there was an oversight on their end, it would be good to fix it here too!


It’s DONE!

Well at least for now. I will make some edits later based on feedback and questions. Let’s help me get this stickied!

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@FilthieRich and @PezRadar

Mind making this post a sticky?

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Donezo - Great stuff!


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Would it also be possible that in a later patch all the additive skill specific multipliers get turned into multiplicative multipliers (into what Irla describes as multipliers of Type F, G, H, I … )?

Most of the additive multipliers are useless in the endgame.

Not sure how much work that would be though.

I have made a document about the changes that Diablo 3 objectively needs (which means that I left out all the things that I personally would like to see, and only included what is really objectively needed), and the document also includes a list of all additive multipliers on Active and Passive Skills that could be turned into multiplicative multipliers.

Maybe you can forward it to the devs if you see fit to do so.
Thank you!

Nice work Iria, and grats on the sticky. Well deserved! Now to work on getting your name as an elite in game. =)


I think it’s misleading to state this document as “patch notes” for a not-yet-released patch and is not an official source but rather a list of requests. Someone might come here thinking that your document is what the developers are tentatively thinking of doing which is not the case.

If you would like to discuss this lengthy document, please make a new thread about it so that people don’t mix it up with what this thread is about.

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I know, I have made them as kind of a mock up because I felt like it at the time of making. Was going with the flow.

It was related to the discussion of the various kinds of multipliers.

Okay fair enough, it’s just that there’s a lot to digest in that document of yours and it seems best for it to get its own thread. If you make such a thread, perhaps on general forums (since it covers all classes), I’ll be sure to post my comments there!

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I have that planned for next year, because I (currently) assume that the CM’s and the devs are in the process of preparing for the holidays (or are already in holiday mode) and so if I would post it now, it might go under unnoticed…

… because I have to admit that I would post it with the “ulterior motive” (if that is the right word in this context, dunno, since I left out all the things that I personally would like to see) to have it noticed, so some of the more objectively important things get prioritized to be done with the devs limited time and manpower.

But I definitely understand that you want this thread to be about your and TastySoup’s guide, and it was not my intent to hijack at.

Thank you, this is very helpful! If I get it right, there no real and continuous logic behind it, one just needs to know that NCS e.g. is exclusive while Odysseys End is additive?

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Sort-of. In general, all monster debuffs like Odyssey’s End are all additive and legendary powers like the Ninth Cirri Satchel are multiplicative. But there are some odd exceptions like Mask of Jeram and Wojahnni Assaulter which are likely developer oversights/bugs.

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This guide lists Hexing Pants as an additive bonus.

But another research shows that it is a multiplicative buff:

I’d like to know who is correct.

Read the description of Type B multipliers. He does Marked for Death and the Toxin gem which are normally additive but turn multiplicative (after combining all Type B modifiers) regarding thorns damage (what he’s using). Hexing Pants are in the Type A category and since he’s not providing any other Type A or C bonuses, then it is the only multiplier in that category, so it appears as multiplicative.

Tell your friend to try again with another self buff to stack on Hexing Pants such as a Harrington’s Waistguard.

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Helpful again, thank you Iria, will keep this in mind, gained a lot more understanding about these details in the last days, need to review my gear now if there is maybe some hidden potential for improvement :slight_smile:


I cannot see on a quick visit as it became less quick on reading, but this should definitely be in a marked postit for all members.
Big kudos.


Wow @Iria and cowriters. Good read, thank you. I took the liberty to link it in the wizards section. There’s alot of good info for ALL classes tbh.

Edit: @Iria
I have seen the term dilution of dps when investing in additive multipliers. Could you please explain this an example would be golden.
Thanks in advance.