What if blizzard did this? JSP banable

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Yes, they would. JSP as well as trading is being discussed in 2 of the top 10 threads right now…


A trading site similar to Path of Exile would fit this game perfectly, where you trade Items for Currency (Runes and Gems) which are easily measurable in value, so u can sort by price etc.

With a good filter and sorting option, aswell as the possibility to connect to your battlenet account for easier posting/communication.

Made a concept in photoshop imgur.com/a/PQlctgz, ofcourse it would look alot better if someone with actual webdesign skills were to do it.

I don’t think it needs currency, since we already have a currency in-game.


why would i need d2jsp just with the blizzard logo on top? what does that change?

also, why would you think the ToS of a company has any legal relevance to a online gaming community where the website itself is not interacting with the game? do you see ebay taken down because Items are sold there? I dont.


It might have some effect, but it’d be likely minimal.

They are already banning for using JSP right?

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Hi. I think problem with d2jsp is previous fg before the game starts and that, using currency made from other games, or just buying it.

With a Blizzard one, I guess there is not currency to buy, so its all fresh. Just my thoughts.


and how do you convince the huge amount of people on jsp to switch and lose their benefit of jsp? As we know, Blizzard as no legal tool for it.


how would blizzard know if people uses D2JSP?

It’s too late bro’
Some of them have 200k fg’s and wait for D2R. Even if blizzard make his ownwebsites, jsp users will stay on jsp.

And the rarest items/perfect rolls rare will be sold in jsp, because no one will have the currency to bought it.
And, the pvp community is aswell on jsp, and it’s the pvp community who bought the most perfect items and rarest items for an absurd amount of currency

It would end up in another RMAH debacle. We already had that. Please just stop.


Maybe casual players will trade on a new blizzard’s website. But seriously, who care casuals and randoms rolls on items.
Official trading blizzard’s website will only encourage people to migrate to d2jsp soon or later. Because JSP rules the game.

As far I know on their legal session already states that. Until they openly declare otherwise should be against the agreement.

They could implement that kind of rmt. D3 had and WoW(has/had). The question is if they want it to be a thing or not. So far no wording from them, but I wouldn’t consider Impossible.

If you check the legal session, that kind of transaction outside the software or plataform if wasn’t endorsed/allowed or done by blizzard should be against the rules. Just because was how it worked on d2, but folks shouldn’t forgot that d2r isn’t d2. Isn’t the same product or have the same rules, it’s a digital only product and blizzard can revoke any time the right of accessing it, while d2 they couldn’t at same extent by the lack of tech behind it.

That’s not that hard. Their anti-cheat software should have enough permissions to do it if they want. Like any anti-cheat software or internet banking software.

Several AI systems could track certain behaviors about it and the system could improve after awhile. E-commerce, social media and search mechanisms already uses perks like that also.

Isn’t rocket science. It’s only matter of how much they’re willing to spend to enable such thing if they already don’t have.

Is only a matter of how much motivation they have to do it or not. But so far in their legal session should be against the rules, other than that folks only theorize about it.

Jsp users have some tricks to prevent to be detected by PoE admins.
It will be the same for D2R


Tricks are tricks until discovered. Nothing prevents them to learn about it and do a counter measurement.

Also PoE isn’t made by blizzard.


Well me personally I don’t think anything should cost more than what fits in the trade window. 40 hrs if you will. Some items certainly draw in more currency and I have used JSP before. I am well aware of how trades can be conducted easily, but the inflated price of some of those items just seems ridiculous for a video game.

Selling high and buying low are the name of the game. The site really is a sort of stock exchange play ladder early, find super drop like ber, then don’t buy anything until the end of ladder just sitting on your spoils. Then it just becomes easier each ladder by being able to buy better gear to farm faster.

I wouldn’t have any issue with JSP if they implemented like a ladder/non-ladder currency. Those with high fg couldn’t give a care in the world about any reset, they are rich af now and could remain that way indefinitely.

I just wish fresh starts weren’t “fresh starts”.

But JSP is forbidden by PoE.

And jsp user can juste say by PM : “I make a public trade game, join, you give me a crappy item and i give you the item you bought me for FG”

Some of tricks are just unprovable

There will be no legit fresh start, since some people use d2jsp since 2003.
They have tons of FG, and they will use it.

If you found a godly fool’s claw for pvp, NOBODY will have the currency to buy it early on a new website. NOBODY.
So where it’s gonna be traded ? In jsp. Because tons of people will have the currency to buy it.
So people will know that, and will migrate to jsp.
And then they will be less and less people on blizzard’s website. They will rage. And then we will have allocation loot. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And D2R will die.


I wish. JSP has been the worst thing for this game.

Not many games offer direct trading, and these guys feel the need to make it like a noob auction house, its sad.


It’s a record. There are always records. Either by person A entering on game C created by person B. Whispers and their software are allowed to monitor your pc.

Keep in mind their software works for several games and several bans happens daily across all their games.

Activision Blizzard King is one of the biggest conglomerates of the game industry. As any company, they want money and profit, which could be achieved by RMT or additional licenses or both.

If they want to or ending needing it. They would do. The tools are at their disposal, the legal section is already done, they just need motivation to do it.

Ban waves got really popular when they do it. Some “popular” names already fallen from it in several games. Their tool has the means, they just need motives for actually put some “work” in there.

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