What have you done to the website?

The link you sent says “Profile unavailabe” to me. Are you from NA? That would explain why you have access to someones NA profile (mine for example), but not to their EU heroes.

@Boubou: you‘re using an IP address that‘s associated to a US based Provider. If I open the french D3 Site and Click on Forums, my Browser Shows the french Forums. I‘m located in EU region.

I guess they configured redirection based on the ip address the request is coming from. As a work around or for testing you could change your Browsers Connection Settings to use a Proxy Server in eu or Asia or US. There might be privacy issues, though.

But the best Solution is Blizzard canceling this redirection and Reverse the change altogether.

This whole serving of content based on source ip addresses is nothing but cancer. If I make a concious decision to view content from other regions, I don‘t want the Server to override that decision or at the very least let me make that decision for the override myself.

I work in the IT business myself and often have to Look at Sites from MS or Autodesk or the Likes. It annoys me that they keep offering to Redirect to their Site in my native Language and from my country and I have to acknowledge that i want to keep looking at the other languages or regions content.


Just to clarify, the characters items is a totally separate issue that I said the web team is looking into. The footer at the bottom is for web/forum usage specifically.


And as Boubou states, even that seems to not work correctly. If I look at the french d3 site and decide to visit the forums, I expect to be linked to the French forums, no matter, where I’m currently located, but Boubou in the US is connected to the us forums in english, and I in eu am connected to french forums.

Edit: ok, seems you added the Region selector back to that List. That wasn‘t there a few Hours ago. Thank you for that change!

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Yes - I’m located in Canada and am using a Canadian ISP.


They “fixed” the leaderboard – by adding a Region selector.

Except it doesn’t work yet… when I click on Asia or Europe, it reloads Americas.
(and they mispelled « Asie ») :slight_smile:

But it is a step in the right direction.

We need the same capability for the web profile or armoury or « list of heroes » or whatever else people call it. And this needs to be connected to the region of the forum I am currently browsing. So that if I “View Profile” the author of a post in Europe, it brings up the Europe region profile of that author… not the Americas region profile. That’s the way it worked before the “update”.


Web team has made some adjustments today.

New URLs for Leaderboards



You can also adjust regions on the leaderboard on the top left as noted earlier in this thread. They were still testing things out throughout the day.

Likewise, they also brought back the region select to the profile page. Players will be able to self-select to view additional regional profiles outside of the one they are currently in.


Thank you for the info.

Not sure if it’s just me, but I can only get the Americas Ranking. The links for Asia and Europe in your post gives the Americas ranking; trying to use the region selector does not work.

For the profile page, I can only see profiles on Americas – there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch to Europe or Asia.

Will try again later – tomorrow most likely.

All three of the links you posted take me to the Americas Region Rankings (Leaderboards).

Clicking on any of these options does nothing for me except refreshes the page. It stays on the Americas Region page.

I just tried to view my Characters on the Profile page. I can only view my Characters on the Americas Region. Nothing I do allows me to change Regions. I also tried to view Boubou’s Profile, but I can only access his Americas Region Characters.

I live in North America. English is my native language. I am using FireFox as my browser.


Regardless of which of these two URLs I use…

I am redirected to…

There’s nothing on the redirected page that lets me view my US or Asia heroes and changing the language selection at the bottom of the page from English (EU) to English (US) makes no difference.

Also, until this is resolved, could you ask the forum people to add diablo3.blizzard.com to the whitelist of domains that Trust Level 2 posters can embed into the forums please? It’s daft that I can link to the geographical version of my career pages, but I’m prevented from linking to the non-geographical one.


As other mentioned, the three LB links all redirect back to https://diablo3.blizzard.com/en-us/rankings/era/13/......
and therefore still showing the same region, Asia for my case as I’m in Asia.
The region selector doesn’t work (due to redirection).

Still no region selector anyway on the Armory Profile page (or any other web site pages). So, it always show my Asia profile; no way to select other regions.


Those pages only have the selection at the bottom of the page. (Or what PezRadar called the “footer”).

It doesn’t matter though, because clicking on any of the options redirects you to your local Region only.


The leaderboards links have been fixed, it works for me. Americas link loads us.diablo3.blizzard.com/..., Europe link loads Eu.diablo3.blizzard.com/..., Asia loads ap.diablo3.blizzard.com/...

The profiles still Show no Region selector.

In the meantime, until this is fixed, you can now edit the url and manually add the Region as a Prefix to diablo3.blizzard.com and you won‘t be redirected.

So it‘s basically not much different from what we had before, at least in Terms of different URLs for the regions.

They Really Need test More before Rolling out changes to Production servers. This shows time and time again

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They never did. You select the Region and language at the bottom of the page.

I’m glad they are working for you. They still do not work for me.

I know they never did, Pez stated they would now, but don‘t.

As for the leaderboards, try editing the url in the browser manually. Does that work for you?

No. Like everything else I do, it continues to redirect me back to the Americas Region.

Then one can only hope they continue working on it tomorrow for the Americasregion. Here in eu, it works as I described above.

Update on the LB links.

If I clear browser’s cookie and cache (will become log out state), the LB links and region selector on the LB page work fine.

However, if I log in again, the LB links and region selector will redirect back to https://diablo3.blizzard.com/... and show my main region data only.

Edit: while in “log out” state, these links work fine:


But once logged in, these links will redirect and show only the profile of my main region.


I also just found out that logging out on the website does the trick.

However, there are still two issues:

  1. I still get redirected to a different region by default when I want to view someone else’s armory profile (including myself) even though I’m view the US forums. Now they’ve added the region selection for armory profiles again, this issue has a workaround but it’s still annoying.

  2. The forums link at the top of the website is affected by the region of leaderboards we’re viewing. For example, if I’m viewing the Asia leaderboards and I click the forums link I will be sent to Korea forums. Obviously this also has a workaround by returning to US leaderboards before clicking the forums link, but it’s a bad design in my opinion.


No, the region selector is not available on armory profile page yet. I compiled the URL myself.

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I meant the region selection when you’re trying to view an armory profile that’s not avaible in that region.

For example I don’t have characters in Asia, so when I try to view my Asia profile I get this.

That region selection was removed when I first made this post.

For players with characters in multiple regions, changing the prefix before .diablo3.blizzard.com is the only workaround atm.