What happens after season is over

Just started playing a few weeks ago, am lvl 37 now. Yes seasonal campaign. I hear a new season starts on the 12th, and from what I have gathered, I get tossed into Adventure mode. So I miss half the campaign that I signed up for? My understanding is Adventure mode is kinda end game, how can I keep leveling up? From what little I know, it sounds like if I want to play the full campaign I have to start over from scratch??

1.Your char will change to non-season, but stay as it is. So you can complete champain in non-season.

  1. Do you need to unlock adventure-mode in season? Then you can speed things up, when you play in team and get invited by a player, that already finished story. He can right up teleport you to the endboss fight of RoS. To finish that fight is enough for unlock. You can still play campain after that from every point of the story, if you want to. You can easy select every part from the story as starting point.
    (Next season you dont need to unlock that mode.)

  2. This is the best rescource to answer any question, you can have about D3:

The current season (Season 26) won’t end on July 12th. That’s when the testing for the next season starts on a separate server called “PTR” (Play Test Realm). The usual pattern is PTR goes for two weeks (unless they find a massive problem and need to add an additional test period) then about a week later the current season ends.

You’re kind of in luck with the new season as well. In the past you had to complete the campaign to unlock adventure mode. A feature being added in Season 27 will unlock adventure mode for all players. Your S26 toon will migrate to non-season and adventure mode will be unlocked. You’ll lose nothing.

Public Test Realm

At least I didn’t call it the pubic test realm. That early in the morning that was a distinct possibility. Regardless, it’s not the main servers NA, EU, or Asia.

That resource you pointed me to is for those at 70… it starts with do a challenge rift, have no idea what that is (although I know it’s part of the end game which I am only halfway to)

Uh, no it’s not. It literally starts you off at level 1. That is the whole point of the guide, to get you from level 1 to level 70.

The guide explains it. It is another game mode (just like story mode and adventure mode). Clicking the Game Settings button on the main game screen will show you the three game modes available. I think the only thing you need to do to unlock challenge rifts is to run a solo GR, which means you need to have at least one character at level 70 (this can be done with a non-season character).

As far as what happens when season ends, nothing much will happen. Your character gets converted to non-seasonal, but you will just be able to carry on the same way. Your XP will combine with non-seasonal XP, which should gain you a few levels, and the items in your stash will be sent to you via in-game mail. However, you really shouldn’t have much in your stash anyways, since you are still leveling to 70.


If that person has not completed the campaign yet they can’t see the 3 game modes, which is the impression I am getting. This next season will change that so complete the campaign is not required, but as of now they do still have to complete the campaign first to see the rest.

He won’t be able to access them, but he can still see them.


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To access a Challenge Rift, at least one of your heroes has to have completed a Greater Rift. It could just be a GR1, but that also means they need a level 70 hero first because sub-70 heroes don’t have access to them.

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So, between now and Season 27 starting, the OP needs to get a hero to level 70 and run a GR1 (or higher) to get access to Challenge Rifts so that, after Season 27 goes live, they can create a seasonal hero, then run the Challenge Rift, and collect the Challenge Rift reward cache on their seasonal hero.

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