What happened to East servers?


What happened to the NA east server games? (xxx.xxx.15.xxx)

After PTR went down, no one is able to find a game from their east location (chicago? idk).


To the best of my knowledge the D3 servers for the US have only been hosted out of the Los Angeles Data center. They have not used Chicago for D3. There are no data centers at all for Blizzard on the actual East Coast anymore.


I’m only slightly east of center, but I did tend to get lower MS games when my east coast friends also happened to get much faster games. It wasn’t often, but I’d been able to reliably fish a low latency game if I reset game 3-10 times and just stay in it as long as I please. As of yesterday afternoon, there seem to be no more low latency games…which were 40-60 MS instead of my 80+ I get on what I assume are “West Coast” servers.


As Ms. C has said, there is only One set of servers. And they are on the West Coast.


I wonder why there can be almost 50% latency difference between games I create if all the servers are in LA. It’s especially annoying when I’m pushing GR, because I have to fish for both good GR and good latency.


Check your traceroute. (err…tracert)

One game could be going through NYC while the other could be going through Huston, TX.

I once had packets go through Tokyo to get across the street.


There absolutely WERE two sets of servers and experienced players know it . The servers which provided good pings for east coast players seem to be no longer available .


I had inquired about it on Twitter, but I’m not sure if I didn’t ask properly or if Blizzard CS has no idea. They seem to think everything is fine. It definitely isn’t.


The Customer Support folks on Twitter are the same ones who post in the WoW CS forum. The person who answered you is Kalviery They are not the Tech Support folks and would not have any insight into the game hosting or server routing. The purpose of the Twitter is to answer basic questions and direct people to the proper support articles, troubleshooting articles, and ticket options. Actual Tech support is reached via the tickets.

You can also try asking on the Tech Support forum. The actual Tech Support folks do read it and sometimes reply. Not sure they will share the routing info though…I would think someone would have told me already if there were changes. Maybe not though?


To be exact, the Americas region also has a server in Sydney, Australia. Else players in AU/NZ would have 250msec+ pings as standard still.


Yes, it does. It also has one in Brazil! You can even force the client to connect to those instead of the one closest to you. Not that you would want to, unless you lived there!


Hey all!

Been doing some digging on this and we did discover there was a brief issue. It should now be resolved.

Thanks for the reports (and your ever-appreciated patience)!


Yes the East Coast server is not connectable anymore.

Connecting from au to us has:

190/200-220 ping west coast
220-240 ping west / Central
260-300 ping east coast

Honestly removing east coast is not game breaking. You might get 90 ish ping but thats so low compared to years of au players averaging 250 ping on us servers.

Anything lower than 180 ping has no effect on actual gameplay. This ping is also the limit for most star pact macro to function w/o problems. US server needs a centralised ping. It’s a pain to try find west coast servers when playing with US players.


There is no East Coast server and there never was for D3! They closed the East Coast datacenter way before D3 even came out.

There is a datacenter in Chicago but in the past D3 did not use it. I don’t know if that has changed or not. Last I knew, all the data in the US region went through Los Angeles.


Oh my god, THANK YOU.

This is a godsend to anyone on the east coast, as well as EU players playing on NA servers.

This means a lot to me, thank you so much.


i don’t get it what does she mean ? sorry im a little slow when it come’s to understanding things lol


it May be located somewhat central but in any case there was a server that was closer to us east coast players.

I know because my ping is significantly better. Around 40 ms. The west coast servers give me around 80 ms


I feel like I need to have a convo with the Tech Support folks, if they are willing to tell me! Even Chicago would be better for the East Coast folks.