What graphic card do i use

ok I have a 6 yeard old system with a nivida geoforce card that right
nows cant seem to handle d4 is freeze takes forever to load and crashes a lot

what is a good quality graphis card i an use to play d4 with

A lot of people have the same issues, It could be on Blizzards end with the server being over loaded.


Knowing if your PC is also ready to reclaim Sanctuary from Lilith’s legions is crucial. We have provided both the minimum and recommended requirements for PC to point you in the right direction. During both the Open Beta and at launch, Diablo IV will not support ray tracing, but this is a feature we plan to add sometime after launch.

Minimum Requirements for PC*

Settings to run the Diablo IV Open Beta at 1080p native resolution / 720p render resolution, low graphics settings, 30 fps.

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8100
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: SSD with 45 GB available space
  • Internet: Broadband Connection

Recommended Specifications for PC

Settings to run the Diablo IV Beta at 1080p resolution, medium graphics settings, 60fps.

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K or AMD R3-1300X
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 470
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: SSD with 45 GB available space
  • Internet: Broadband Connection

*Diablo IV will attempt to run on hardware below minimum specifications, including HDDs, dual-core CPUs, and Integrated GPUs. However, the game experience may be significantly diminished.

We would need to know more. What’s your build, budget, and resolution do you have in mind? Most any modern GPU can handle D4 just fine.

I recently upgraded to a 7600x CPU and 6650XT GPU. Very happy with performance. Very expensive too despite not being top of the line components either. All depends on how much you want to spend.

GTX970 here and it run the game well, no lag issues. Sure the graphs are not max out but still look really good! :slight_smile:

There are reports of people frying their graphics card when trying to run D4 beta. Some people bricked their 3080 Ti. Some even reported a smell of smoke coming from their tower cases.
By the 13:50 mark;

Upon those incidents, NVidia released new driver files to adapt the new graphics render issues by Diablo 4. My suggestion is, check the latest drivers for your GPU first then do a small research over social media outlets like Reddit and Twitter to find your own conclusion.

I will make this recommendation:

Lower the graphic quality settings to low. Turn off anything not needed. Cap your FPS rate to 60 for now.

The game still looks pretty good, even on low settings, and it will play much easier on older hardware.

Defaults are usually near maximum, even when they shouldn’t be.

This game will need at minimum, 16GB of memory, high speed SSD drive, and a CPU and graphics card in the mid to higher performance range from the past half decade or so to be solid. It will run on older and lesser hardware, but it won’t run well.

As some of the others here have pointed out:

Update graphic drivers. (this is the most critical thing)
Shut down apps you don’t need or shouldn’t be running in the background.
The graphic cards affected by the failures, are primarily 3080Ti’s built by Gigabyte. Which means those cards have flaws that are presenting with the way the game is loading certain parts. Something that shouldn’t happen if the cards were better made. THAT said, the game is certainly taxing the cards when it shouldn’t be due to needing better optimization.

Anyway, good luck!


Earlier today I had made some small changes and managed to crash mine:

I tried running textures to highest.
Shadows to high, but not max.
And FPS to 144.

Everything else was still low or off.

Temporal reconstruction has been enabled all along, along with the setting in Windows Display Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling.

Was previously set on medium textures, no shadows, and 60FPs.

Went from nearly glass smooth to having issues loading from the SSD (sata based on this desktop) which basically made loading as you move stutter the game, and on top of that, hanging up when using the town teleport pads, till finally it crashed going to a town.

And that was not all that much of a change, but apparently enough. So yeah, this game can be a graphic card nightmare right now. I HOPE they get the issues smoothed out before launch. But not holding my breath.

Game on.

it needs to be a 3070 min and even then you need to turn down the graphics a bit, there is a post on you tube about this.

It will run fine on even older hardware, but you need to dial back the settings.

I had to lower the setting just to get the UI to show up. At first all I could see was the life and manna orbs. No skills.

This isn’t a tech support forum my dude, and even if it is, you didn’t provide ANY useful information to help you.

My graphics card is now 8 years old and it ran D4 just fine.

Are you really considering dropping hundreds of dollars on new hardware just to play D4? LOL

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That’s a bold statement. Looking at the various D4 forums people with all kinds of hardware are having problems.

Nothing bold about it.

Most haven’t tried scaling back their settings, which is why they are having issues.

I have been extensively testing settings, using different hardware. If you scale the settings back on older hardware, it works just fine.

Default seems to be aggressive with the quality settings and often causing issues, even on decent hardware.

Simply lowering the graphics to low, setting everything within to low or off, capping the FPS to 60 works for a large portion of the hardware. Once you get a base established there that works, you can incrementally increase settings till you start to have issues, then fine tune.

This isn’t rocket science.

At the same time, the optimization is bonkers on this game. We shouldn’t have to be doing this much research and testing to establish decent performance. Their auto tuning is crap, the default settings are not optimized by machine at all, and overall the graphic engine is not optimized considering that even people on new high end hardware are having issues with full settings.

Its just janky all over, which is why I have been recommending that you 0 it out and get it down to the bare minimum, then work your way back up.


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exactly. game is terribly optimized. its no even close to ready. no wonder hundreds of former d4 team members said it isnt ready and is a disaster.

in the windows search bar, write ‘run’.
in the little window write ‘dxdiag’.

you will have several tabs on the top.

on windows 11, you will have render tab. click it to see your graphic card.
windows 10 and older, display tab will show that information.

i play on GTX 1650 (laptop) on the highest graphics and it runs perfectly.
but its still a laptop.

and i played a sorceress so there are some graphics to handle (the spells)

I have the rtx 3080 not the 3080 ti,has anyone heard if there is also a problem with this card like the ti

they are doing stress testing so expect crashing.

ok my stats are nivida geoforce 1030
mem 6028 mb
vram is 1981
shared memory is 4047
sysytem is xps 8920
i7-7700 cpu
memoru 8192 mb

Well. That GPU is a bit underwhelming to be honest and probably a huge limiting factor. It might run the game at the lowest settings with the FPS capped to 60.

IN most cases, I would recommend at least a xx50 or better (1050, 1650, 2050, etc)

I have to call some BS on that. My laptop with a 3050Ti and my desktop with a 3060 12GB will not carry the game at highest settings, and both those systems have 32GB of DDR 4.

I know, as I have tried it. As I said earlier, I have been doing a LOT of testing of settings. And you are telling me that not only have you got the settings button set to highest, you are also maxing out all the options? BS.

Are you even running the high texture pack?

I can’t seem to find anything on the rtx 3080, only the ti

It has been mostly only the 3080Ti built by Gigabyte that have an issue the game is managing to force a failure on. It means the card has a defect that is presenting due to how the game is badly optimized, but essentially any card with a defect similar could be at risk. Both Blizzard and nVidia have released updates to address the issue, but if you have a card from Gigabyte, I would cap the FPS in game or at the driver settings. Be sure to update to the latest driver released the 23rd.