What exactly is Diablo as a creature?

In d3 diablo has dinosaurus tails but mammals, so what is the creature?

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He is usually characterized as a demon or just called a Prime Evil. So if not a demon, he’s his own, unique, creature type.

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He is a being of essence, not biology. This is core to understand. His every representation in games has been his essence manipulating a host. Extended media has him as a far more vague entity in general, a spirit of terror more than a physical thing to smash you.

If you want to categorize the types of forms he tends to adapt, I digress, but you cannot quantify him by real world categories because he is another level of entity.

The Dark Exile would be the only exception I can presume; even then I don’t rule out a host, but I would still say he is simply a demon given form more by force of will than anything else. Compare to an Angel, a being that similarly cannot be classified as human despite having tons of similarities.

Bowser’s evil stepson.


Evil enough, in the stars of the old paladin. What you call the prime evil, was once that. However you regard what remains, after the skein of mortal lives is tampered with, by the gods attempts to destroy the remaining survivors of there ancient war.

From the point of view of Cain, any who once imprisoned him, take on the forms of demons. This was due to the number of demonic contracts (or essences), the dead kings had absorbed. That made use of a tactic so deadly, there was no way not to use Cain’s story to produce.

As we see gear try to best the system, there is no way to cover every resistance, not even with spiral plate. As such, there faction also used a modular design, to embody new arch demons from there time. This should reveal how a single design can be altered by factions.

They are or where worth saving, though Cain views anyone with fear magic, from demon faction dangerous. Separate the paladin from the curse then.

All the 7 evils are spirit creatures. They don’t have any physical characteristics, except for the host they choose to parasite off of. Example, Diablo has changed it’s form from D1, D2 (being more masculine) and D3(Being more feminine). This is due to the change in host.


Ahhh I didn’t think about that. Makes sense.

Diablo is the third head of the dragon Tathamet, in essence he is the aspect of Terror, his physical form is due to the corruption of the vessel he’s possessing, that’s what we have seen with their respective vessels, Albretch, Aidan and Leah.
However, during the Sin War, his form was very different … in fact he has none, he basically transforms into your greatest fear.

The equipment is a skinned type of gear, from a faction considered demonic because it’s a different pantheon. In those terms, nothing looks human because the equipment is used to produce a custom shadow armor.

If it then is used by another faction, the design would still remain a shadow armor, or shadow walker. In D3, the creation of custom armor and there respective rings, is one of the more interesting features.

In practical history, a basic armor spell, is required to save real lives. According to historical records. Its a fact no more miraculous, than someone reaching into a straw thatched roof, and drawing a sword from it. Is it a miracle, if it is there when called upon? That depends upon your point of view, turning aside a fatal weapon, or warding away demons in human form. Swords tend to end up dropped into rivers to this day.