What awaits you behind the gates of Hell?

What are you looking forward to the most, as the gates of Hell opens tomorrow?!

Sitting here thinking of what tomorrow is gonna bring…
I got this feeling in my stomach, as if im in free fall on a rollercoaster! :rofl:

I’ll be listening for rune drops, nothing like stacking runes!

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Just getting to play is what i;m looking forward to , the whole thing is like a dream , just hope blizzard does not ruin the remaster with to many changes.


Wife aggro is probably waiting behind hells gate reminding me that I forgot to do the dishes. :rofl:


Hahaha, yeah prolly gonna be alot of angry wifes around after a solid week or two lol! :smiley:


after the hell forge…the Hell dishes quest !
you can get runes from it too :stuck_out_tongue:


Loot her + to money and the wife aggro will diminish :+1:

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The question arises what are too many changes

Stackable runes
Stackable gems
Better UI / Hud like controller

Nobody wants the D2R to mutate into D3 or become a light version D3

But some changes are useful

This would be a big QoL for me atleast. I never liked muling tons of gems and runes…
But ill still be listening for every sexy gem drop! :ok_hand:

Having act 3 not hurt my eyes is what I’m looking forward 2 hate that act

The long kill-by-kill trek through the Blood Moor.

Quill Rats, Zombies and Fallen be damned!

Lots and lots of bots

I’ve got to work all day and evening tomorrow. But I’m not super concerned about it. I’d rather be off but oh well. I do hope we get enough time to take days off for the ladder launch.

That’s the real launch if you ask me.

Behind the Gates of Hell? A bunch of Vegans telling me to stop eating Cheeseburgers. THAT… IS… HELL!!!

As for the game? All those wonderful monsters just waiting to drop loots for me to vendor, trade, or use. I will be dreaming of those tonight!

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Is diablo vegan? Is this why we are marching on the gates of hell?

I hope i never have to experience this trauma :rofl:

I’m gonna switch that to Jews and Arabs telling me not to eat Bacon.

I’m on your plain though, I understands.

The vegan be upset at the not a cow level then lol
Hell bovine burgers with my corpse explosion

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Damn you beat me to it.