Whaahoo Baby! Get some!

I’m so ducking pumped!!

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh baby!

Ya’ll gonna die! Everything must perish!
Everything must looooooooooooots!


relatable :wink:

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I gotta say, being able to more safely farm cows, has me pretty pumped :stuck_out_tongue:

Always loved farming cows.

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See and I hated having to do walk around ext so I never really bothered.

Now I will :+1:
Make no misSteak! Those cows better be on the MOOOOOOOVE!

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I dont know why, but I always loved plunging into hell cows on my smiter.

1 Cow At A Time!

Rest of the herd smashing their pollaxes against my shield. Ducken loved it.

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