Wep Throw casts BT


Does this sound crazy?

300th Spear: Weapon Throw casts a Boulder

Could this be something easy to code, since the Patch is still a couple of months off.


That wouldn’t do much in terms of damage–not without major buffs to Skulars and other items. And it seems like a clunky mechanic to auto-cast a major spender. I’d much prefer to see both skills buffed independently!


In your hypothetical here

  • would each Boulder Toss get the benefit of all the Fury you have?
  • would your Fury get depleted with each Weapon Throw?


You’re right. I think I’m paranoid that it won’t receive an adequate buff.




How much Fury would be calculated for each Boulder Toss then?

You do realize Boulder Toss only does damage based on Fury right?


I do realize that Ancient Spear has a base damage that gets factored in to BT:

Throw a spear that pierces enemies and deals 500% weapon damage.

This is the damage that would be produced by my suggestion * Skular’s * 300th. This would keep it from being to OP.

I appreciate you being ever so cordial.

I can already hear what you would say had I said, Yes. :rofl:


I suggest you look closer at Boulder Toss in game. It only does 20% damage per point of Fury you spend.

This is why I am asking you these questions. Not trying to be cordial. Not trying to be a dick either. Trying to get you to be specific on your suggestions.


I think you’re reading too much into it.

According to D3planner,


Fury 26 equates to

Damage: 17,389,408,877

Fury 27

Damage: 18,058,232,295

18,058,232,295 - 17,389,408,877

=668,823,418 (that’s your 20% per Fury)

Fury 26: 17,389,408,877 - 668,823,418 (20% per Fury)

= 16,720,585,459

Where is this damage coming from?

It’s coming from the base 500% of Ancient Spear damage:

Throw a spear that pierces enemies and deals 500% weapon damage.


D3Planner is notoriously inaccurate.

Edit: actually, after reading what you wrote… you do realize that is the base 25 Fury you require to cast Ancient Spear right? 25*20% is the 500% weapon damage, which you spend when using Boulder Toss. It isn’t 500% + 25 Fury * 20%. It is just 25 Fury * 20%.

The rune doesn’t say it keeps Ancient Spear’s 500% base weapon damage. It literally says you spend all Fury and deal 20% weapon damage per Fury spent. The base rune description goes away when you choose Boulder Toss. And it doesn’t say you deal 20% additional damage or anything along those lines.

So like I said. I was trying to get you to be specific.

So your suggestion is basically Weapon Throw also casts a 500% weapon damage Boulder Toss and doesn’t spend or get buffed by Fury.


Yeah, no one’s saying that.

What is being said is this:

I honestly don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

It says:

Expend all remaining Fury to deal 20% weapon damage for every point of Fury expended to enemies within 9 yards of the impact location.

You would have a point if it said:

Instead expending all remaining Fury to deal 20% weapon damage for every point of Fury expended to enemies within 9 yards of the impact location.

But it doesn’t.



I’ve already explained it. Even tested it.

Boulder Toss only does damage based on how much Fury you spend like it says when you equip the rune.

Which is what I’m saying. Which is what your D3Planner is saying in fact too.

You acting like I don’t know what I’m talking about is rich though. Thanks for the laugh.


You’re not going to believe this, but you’re right!

How could I be so wrong, again.

Well, that’s good know.



I mean, it could easily work if it was a ‘proc’ with an internal cooldown of like 1 second or whatever. You can generate full fury pretty damn fast. Could make the spear Arreat’s Law useful. Would be a fun mechanic…

Edit: Or it could just read whenever weapon throw is used while at maximum fury, you automatically toss a boulder. Something like that anyway…


It might require too much work on the Dev part to pull this off which would make it less likely to happen. It could have worked if BT had a base damage, but as Jako pointed out, it doesn’t.


Yeah. I was just humoring the idea because 1: wasn’t busy at work and 2: the forums are pretty dead, haha.

I wish they did more creative stuff like this though. My ideal diablo4 would be combining the gameplay of d3 and the creativity of PoE. Get rid of 6 piece sets all together and have more 3-4 piece sets that you can utilize. 6 piece sets and their matching legendary basically take all creative choice out of item selection.


I think that’s what we’re all hoping.