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The part that drives me nuts is, when you click on a link, it opens it in the current tab… instead of a new tab. I guess that back button is going to get a lot of useage…:wink:


My pro-tip is that I open links with my middle mouse button. That’s a default “open in new tab” shortcut for most browsers.

I think it’s something we can change, but it would change for all forum users. Opening in current window is the usual default for most of our website pages, so the current option is at least consistent.


Yeah - that seems to work… my middle mouse button is the wheel, but it does open in a new tab. Thx,


Profile -> Preferences -> Interface -> Open all external links in a new tab


Going to take some time to get used to the new forum.

Took me a few minutes to even know how to post under an existing thread, lol.


I’m honestly still learning all the new stuff you guys have access to as well, so thank you for sharing this!


The profile page is on the button at top right after getting to your old profile looking page.

Trust level is going to be ignored after a few months when the trolls take over and at the same time have high trust level.

I’m just playing the game and not getting too involved in the Acti-Blizz stuff.


Cruel :wink:

Nev, those notes better have a hefty amount of crunchy goodness for Barbs or there’s going to be a riot!


:moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :ox: :poop: :walking_man:



Oh gosh what a tease! :rofl:

Just hoping that there’s something for ye olde DHs in terms of unused skills and some survivability.

At this point, throwing me a bone is good enough haha!


thx dude :smiley:

crap now post must be 20 character minimum

btw where can you see the trust level??



Emotes count for the char limit.

About trust level: Trust levels - How to check


Try this thread here. Trust levels - How to check It covers how to check trust levels. Zero to one is about 15 mins of reading and a bit of liking. Maybe a reply. Trust level 2 takes more time and 3 takes a ton of time.


Thanks Skelos

Changing the Interface settings worked.

For those who also use the Forums on Europe, you will need to repeat that on the Europe forums as well… and in all the languages that you read forums in.


Some emotes are over 20.
So much for preventing letter posts


As cynical and critical of the D3 Developers as I tend to be (only because I love Diablo and it should have been SO MUCH MORE) I am surprised I do not have a negative trust level :stuck_out_tongue:


About trust lv 3, the requirement said

Must have visited at least 50% of last 100 days

what does it mean??
do we have to visit the forum everyday until 100 days??


What is 50% of 100? That is half of 100 so that means 50.

You must log in and read the forums 50 out of 100 days. TL 3 also requires you to keep that up or it decays and you lose your TL3.

Not a big deal really. Our old forums did not allow ANY links outside the Blizz network, no images, no GIFs, no emojis, no Wikis. TL3 gives super powers compared to what we had and if you never get there, you did not lose anything over the old forums.


We see what you did there, you tease!



Sorry if this is a dumb question. But How does one know if one is logged in? Is there a way to notice this?