Weapon Master Passive Barb

What is the bonus from Ethereal Colossus Blade?

Legendary property and class passive are both “completely” random.

Gain a bonus based on the weapon type of your main hand weapon:
Swords/Daggers: 8% increased damage
Maces/Axes: 5% CHC
Polearms/Spears: 8% AS
Mighty Weapons: 2 Fury per Hit
BLADE: you get nothing

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The passive is RANDOM. You can & will get any barb passive eventually.

The three Ethereal weapons for a Barbarian are…

  • The Grandfather (two-handed sword)
  • Doombringer (one-handed sword)
  • Grimmershred (one-handed flying axe)

…so I presume when you say “Colossus Blade” you mean the two-handed weapon. I equipped one on my Barb and checked both with and without the Weapons Master passive selected in my Skills sheet.

Without Weapons Master passive selected…
Sheet damage = 4,479,744

With Weapons Master passive selected…
Sheet damage = 4,479,744

So, whilst the Ethereal Grandfather looks like a two-handed sword (and the non-Ethereal Grandfather is a sword) the Ethereal weapon isn’t classified as a sword. As it’s class-restricted, perhaps they’ve classified it as a Mighty Weapon, and Weapons Master would therefore grant more Fury per hit, but that’s not something I can easily test.

Oh, and to the people telling the OP that Ethereals get random passives, they’re not asking whether The Grandfather can roll with the passive, they’re asking that if they have the Weapons Master passive selected, which of the passive’s effects The Grandfather grants to the Barb. Currently, it seems either it’s granting none, or maybe the Mighty Weapon one, both of which are a bug.


It seems that right now ethereals have their own weapon categories and dont work with any passives that are bound to weapontype.

PTR got updated…

Misc Ethereal fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Ethereals did not benefit from Barbarian Weapons Master, Necromancer Dark Reaping, and Demon Hunter Archery passives.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Kadala to give Ethereals
  • Removed “Heavenly Strength” from passives that can roll on Crusader Ethereals
  • Updated the glow behind Ethereal name on tooltips
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