We regret to inform you

that your wizard died because you were stupid! LOL


I try to tell somebody on another thread about HC. You have to smart and not over your head & stupid. But basically they said because I haven’t die in the last 5 seasons. I’m not playing right you have to die to play it right. WOW


I was trying for that stupid Wizard achievement about teleporting out under 5% of health. Missed! I even have a wizard on SC I could have done it on. What a moron! I mean, just stupid!


The game message could use some shaming.

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No, what I said was that if you haven’t died in HC, then you aren’t pushing.
It’s easy to not die if all you do is T16 and GR70.

Let see here I want to play T16 in public games don’t have to do a GR 75.