We need to be able to tell what lvl an item is

The altar perk that reduces lvl requirements makes it so we can’t tell what lvl an item is.
These levels should be left untouched if possible


If the alter perk remove level requirement, does it really matter if you can see it or not?

It’s pretty annoying, actually. What the perk describes it is doing is to make it so every item, regardless of item level is wearable.

What it actually does is make the item appear as level 1 to a viewer that has unlocked the perk.


If, for example, you are in the last run and get from level 61 to 70, some of those items might be upgradeable but others not so much. All of them will show as being level 1, though.

Granted, it doesn’t matter much.

I very much agree.
Granted, it is a minor inconvenience but I was also trying to emulate leveling on the ptr even though I had artisan fully upgraded. I wanted to craft gear for my current level but can’t see what item lvl I am crafting

It does if you want to put it onto your follower because the level requirement removal only applies to the hero.

I believe it also matters if you need to reroll a legendary in the cube, it stays at whatever the usable level was so a level 68 item is still 68 after the reroll. You need to know.

It does not matter at all. You will be 70 in a couple hours and then every loot drop is “70”. Your follower will also be 70 and can use all gear. It’s compeletly irrelevant.
Put any legendaries you get while leveling into a different stash tab to cube or salvage.
And you shouldn’t be rerolling anything pre-70 for the simple fact its not 70 it never upped the level of the item.

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On the contrary, it does matter. That node is unlocked long before you’re 70 so any gear you find, will all say level 1 which is fine and dandy. However, you can be level 68-69 and have level 70 legendary items drop, this happens rarely but it does happen. You can also be level 70 and have a level 68 item drop if it’s in the same game instance you leveled up in. Many new players don’t know once you hit 70, exit your current game and start a new one so every item will be for 70. Either way you would not know what the original level requirement was. So if you decided to reroll that level 68 piece (thinking it was 70) in hopes of a primal, you’d waste materials. Or if you decided to salvage the level 70 piece because you though it was your level when it dropped for you at 68-69, you wasted an item.

This doesn’t pertain to everyone since those are rare outcomes but since they do happen, it would make sense to just add a second line of : Item level 70, Usable Level 1

The only way I know to distinguish between a level 68 and 70 legendary piece without the item level in the text is to hold control to see that stat range. Not every player knows the stat range of every piece by heart. I do, you may, but many don’t.

No it does not matter. You are nitpicking for no reason. Once you are 70, everything drops at 70. Mobs don’t suddendly drop below 70 gear when you hit cap. All legendaries will be 70 once you hit 70. The game throws legendaries at you as you progress into the higher torments. You’re old pre-70 gear should be cubed or salvaged and if you are too stupid to put your pre-70 gear in another stash tab then you have bigger problems to fix than worring about holding control to see the stat range.

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That is factually incorrect, if you entered an area the game at 68 and leveled to 70 in that area, the mobs that loaded into that area will still be 68. Since the mobs didn’t scale up in that specific area, they will continue to drop lower than 70 items, with a very tiny percentage chance to drop a 70 item if they were 68-69ish.

I am nitpicking for A reason. You just happen to not like the reason.

Like I said, this won’t be an issue for me but I can understand how it may be an issue for new players.

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Edit: its the day of the season. Letting yo know that no matter how much you cried, it never changed. It was never needed. It was never a problem. cry all you want but in the end it was not and never was an issue. You lost.

Just to be clear, you jumped into this conversation with a rebuttal of false information. You could’ve left it as it was but decided you needed to be correct, and failed at it.

You went from


If it helps a small percentage of people, and has no negative impact on you or the majority of players, why complain at all? If the government passed a bill that helped 10 people with extremely rare diseases, would you complain it’s not important because it doesn’t effect you and a 99.999% of the population?

All I said was it’s possible and an easy way to avoid it would be a second line of text. There is no hill and nobody is dying. Do you have anymore false statements you’d like to add about game mechanics or are you finished with your rant?

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