WD Pet build issue

I’m testing out some petbuilds for PTR season 25 and i’m loving it so far.

The bug is that i keep getting stuck in my pets, cant move even with Spirit Walk. This happens in outposts and narrow rifts. Only way to solve it is to teleport to a new location, dismiss all pets (16+ of them) or relog to dismiss them faster. It happens very frequently and is extremely frustrating to have to deal with, hope for a fix soon.

Hansiac the Mad <3

Pet login is the bane of my existence too… Especially training my dog to use a toilet when it’s -20f outside

Having the same problem. Not even running a true pet build. spider queen from arachnid set and 3 zombie dogs is enough to trap me and not be able to move. I don’t remember ever getting trapped by my pets before.