WD, Horrify Aura and the team

So after all, does the seasonal aura work for all players in the group or only for WD?
Will all incoming monster damage from all sources be increased at all, or only from the owner of the aura?
I could not figure it out, the people in the team could not answer clearly, and no one wants to go to test =(
To be or not to be WD-support in the new season?.. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve actually been testing this very thing and I can verify it works. I was in a 4-man group 1 Under-geared monk, 1 Blood Nova necro, 1 WD (me playing full support), and 1 zDH clearing 115s-120s.

We ran a number of runs and I was actively reviewing data and comparing to other builds such as Mundunugu’s and support without the aura.

In my support build I used LoD and flippantly removed (staples) Soul Harvest, Spirit Walk and obviously Lakumba’s for options such as Grin Reaper (Mask), Mass Confusion (defense does propagate from the Grin Reaper Mimics on the Paranoia Rune.)

The Radius covers nearly the entire screen with Face of Death Rune on Horrify.

I was also using hex and BBV - Slam Dance manually with the Starmetal Kukri speeding things up… so it felt very piano-y

I’m sure there are better options and ideas out there but I did test in a 150 solo and with some creative dodging I was at least able to survive so I think it’s doable.

TL;DR - Yes, The Aura does work for the entire group
(currently unless something breaks changes before live)

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Let’s hope they don’t change that…
My WD support option:
Offhand can change, you can take on the form of a spirit. In principle, it is possible to change the bracers if the team already has a support with bracers. And of course, a seasonal aura is needed for some kind of thing.
If you pump the paragon and replace some of the items with ancient ones, then WD becomes undying in 150 portal.