WD Gargang power midseason change request

This is definitely the best WD pet season ever. GarGang build is really fun, but it is under-performing slightly, aka witchdoctor i know right, so i was thinking that maybe a simple change to the power would help?

Could you add Gargantuan Dogs to the sanctified power? Duplicate the Tall man finger Dog x3? 6 Gargboys and 3 GargDoggies would make a pretty sweet pet themed build. Maybe add a multiplier onto Tall mans Finger, not sure how the damage will turn out without it.

Doubt this could push the build past 140’s but i love the season power and would WAAAAAAAY more if i could have 3 big doggys with it too just burning everything and biting demons.

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Not impossible but unlikely to have a rework midseason.