WD Ethereals needs Damage Reduction affix

With skill specific ethereals, already weak WD got shafted even more with a further layer of rng. Atleast add a damage reduction affix to WD ethereals so that WD don’t killed when a white mob touches.


They should just add DR to their sets instead and/or make those bracers only require simply having stacks to get the full benefit, not requiring 10. This won’t happen anyway. They only do what they feel like doing, not what needs to be done, no matter how simplistic it is.


Exactly. But looks like Lakumba and Sacred harvester combo for DR will remain as is. Atleast they can add DR to WD ethereals so that it’s manageble for S24.

I’m all for any of this, I foresee WD being somewhat relevant in a meta setup in S24 as is with perfect rolls, but nobody will play WD because the RNG is just so much worse than every other class right now. It’s really like the devs are going out of their way to mess with WD. Although DH is also very bad too but not as bad as WD.

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Almost every other class has a damage reduction ring except for the WD.
If they eventually make one, lets hope like the DH and Barb it can be triggered by different skills and they do not just assign it to one skill.
It’s not like it has never been asked for. It would be nice to choose a different Ceremonial knife for bettering the build instead of being forced to be fully defensive at higher levels. It is almost mandatory to use Sacred Harvester and Lakumbas. More flexible options would be a welcomed change.

The best suggestion I’ve seen thus far is allow Lakumbas to give the full benefit with one or more stacks. This allows us to use something other than Sacred Harvester for DR, but they don’t have to make any new items or mechanics AND we don’t get immediately one shot while trying to build SH stacks.

My candidate would be Band of Hollow Whispers. It could be a good sinergy item for some sets useing haunt.

Except I would also add horrify and spirit walk as the other triggers like elusive ring and band of might have - more than one single option to trigger it. The WD does not have the luxury of storm armor with halo of karini with a skill that lasts 10 minutes by activating it once. :slight_smile:

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Well whit the creeping death passive the haunts are active for a long time. But fist BoHW should sinergies whit skill runes passives and items. Because rn, if i’m correct, it dosen’t benefit from multipliers on items and runes. So that would be my first step. Than add to the LP, that each haunted enemy gives 8% DR up to 10 enemys. So whit creeping death now working whit the ring, an 80% DR would be very managable. As it auto casts haunt, now you could concentrate on other things.