WD Ethereals are unfun

The WD Ethereals buff has a very real downside that leads to a painful, not fun play experience.

This “buff” reduced the chances of dropping a useful WD ethereal by 66%. And worse yet, gives WD get the the unfun experience of dropping etherals that are insta-garbage because the legendary power does not match the skill bonus {decay, secondary, voodoo}

Replacing the “buff all WD skills” with “buff only XZY skills” would have been cool IF AND ONLY IF the legendary power always matched the type of skill buffed.

The other ethereals are useable because of the guaranteed synergy btw {+100% to all skills} and {any legendary power}. However, 2/3rds of the buffed WD ethreals will be terrible because the {+200% to specific skills} does not match the legendary power.

This is a complete rehash of past loot problems that were patched out of the game because players did not, and still do not, like seeing gear that is unusable by ALL classes due to weird rolls. Remember in Vanilla D3 when a drops main stat didn’t always match your class? Remember before the smart loot system? Remember when the dmg roll on legendary weapons was so vast a good yellow weapons would do more dmg then most new legendary drops?

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I agree that there’s some conflict with affix rolls now, but RNG is part of the game and saying that WD ethereals are not fun is not how I would phrase it. They could use a little tweak, but overall they are a great asset to the class. The needle puts Mundungu’s SB back where it was before the gazing demise nerf, and now we’re 4 man viable again.

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I thought the OP put it quite well. Late, but eloquent.

And all you have to do is hope one drops before everyone switches to D2R.

So I don’t know about other players, but RNG is part of what makes the game exciting. Too many people want everything handed to them with minimal effort. That’s not fun to me. To each their own, but I doubt being overly dramatic is going to inspire any consideration by the developers. Maybe just suggest that affixes correlate with the skill category being buffed rather than cry that the game is no fun.


I agree, but as I’ve explained before this type of RNG doesn’t fit the systems implemented in D3. The scaling is just so out of control at this point that there has to be more RNG mitigation to compensate for the requirements put on the items.

In Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 you could play at the highest level naked. It was a challenge but it could be done. In those games the power was in the skills so you could have these powerful and rare items drop and feel rewarding because they were extra power, not a base requirement.

IMO, D3 made a huge mistake with all of the power creep and adding that power to the sets. What that has done is, even if people want these rare poweful items like in those games, they have to realize this isn’t those games. This isn’t a game built around a big power drop but rather small incremental improvements. Ethereals don’t work like ancients where you’re probably getting the base item before the ancient and therefore have this power curve. All of the ethereal’s power is given up front, its just a question of matching to the build requirements. That’s frustrating design and I think it’s totally appropriate with the way the developers have asked us to give feedback to tell them it is unfun.

I agree its no fun but I don’t agree on the motive. If people didn’t enjoy at least some randomness the genre wouldn’t be so popular. It’s a question of making the game design properly fit.

I didn’t get a chance to playtest the other class ethereal items, however from what I’ve read in terms of probability and drop rate WD is the only class to get this kind of nerf. Always making black-folk work that much harder for a spot… (nearly started not to go there, but principle)

If I am wrong and any other class has received this poor treatment let me know.