Vyr Wizard: Why No Love?

I do not understand why the Vyr set, specifically the Chantodo Vyr Wizard, has gotten no buffs despite being incredibly weaker than the other wizard sets for years now, and will still be weaker after the nerfs. It was my favorite build to play years ago, and nowadays, it just makes me sad every time I see it in my stash. Poor, poor Archon.

Please, developers, don’t forget about Vyr! It needs a massive, massive buff – about 30 Greater Rift levels – to even be viable. To do otherwise makes it instant salvage material… forever. :frowning: Please don’t throw this set – tied to the most iconic wizard skill in the game – on the trash heap.

On a separate note, I can’t understand the developers’ logic behind the changes to Delsere. They buffed the overall set damage multiplier but then nerfed the weapon the set uses, so basically nothing was changed at all. What is the point?


They’ve always gimped the Wizard.

Especially non-set Disintegrate users

I don’t know how many Seasons I could not complete because they also gimped Wizard to the point it can’t complete Speed Conquests

Vyr charges should’ve buffed archon skills and not give overall damage to begin with. Like your beam and punches are just used to get stacks when they should be the main source of damage.

Well no, what it really is is they’ve always been afraid to buff anything related to wizard when something of ours comes out strong, so everything else suffered. It DID happen with Vyr’s for a bit there, it also happened with Firebird, LoD hydra, Twisters, channeling in general for awhile there and now Tal Rasha.

I will give credit where credit is due, the sets are the most balanced they’ve ever been and Vyr’s is actually not 30 tiers behind especially after the TR nerf.

Of course it needs love, but like maybe 6-8 tiers of love, not 30.
If I were to guess, this likely isn’t the last we see these balance passes even though they kind of indicated sun-setting.

Creating themes and then balancing those themes is extremely time consuming , I am betting by just freeing that up that taking a look at balancing the sets/item in the future will be a breeze in comparison. So I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these passes.

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Full on Vyrs with Primal ball and wand finally, suit needs work but full Archon with Metchersmitz(spelling wrong) in cube, Obsidian Ring, Gagok gem, 20 Swammi and Fazoola belt. I also enjoy that build, as so many make TalRaj. Cheers!

The image of the Archon does not match the image that a wizzard should have, so Vyr was abandoned. I agree with this approach.

I don’t agree and many people like the Archon staff.

Funny though, that S30 will be THE Archon season. Typhon, Meteor, Firebird EB, Twister, … the highest clears on the PTR (~GR150) were using Archon, because of the Soul Shards.

According to dmkt’s list, Vyr is 4-9 tiers behind other wizard builds. And that’s before the upcoming nerfs. Where do some people yank these arbitrary numbers from, claiming that Vyr needs a 30 tier buff?

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There are 12 players in season 28 ( on EU ) who downed 150 using Vyr/Reverse Archon/Arcane Orb. It’s difficult to play.

The most likely will try to finetune Vyr, when it will be Haedrig again. And that most likely will be S33. They usually buff the set that will be Haedrig in next patch if you haven’t noticed. However for S30 they are nerfing both Zuni and Marauder, so take it with a grain of salt (well, we don’t have official patch notes yet, this assumption is based on PTR patch notes).

I assume main issue is if you buff the set per se, all the Reverse Archon builds that can be done with it will be much stronger than their normal versions. Also, if Chantodo’s get mega-buffed, they could become main weapon combo for Tal Rasha and Firebird for instance.

I also would like Vyr to be stronger, but all the possible outliers should be taken into account.

It was top tier group build for several seasons before tal was buffed.
According to the pros its about 5-10 grs behind, I would say more like 15.
Not many push the set serious so you dont see many high records, record this season 800 para is gr137 but wizard in general is up there with Necro as op builds go.
Here are all sets that are worse than vyr s29:
Barb ik 130
savage 135
no set 133

DH Impale 135
no set 127

Monk MK garb 131
Uliana 135
Inna 131
Poj 135

Necro Pesti 123

WD Jade 128
Helltooth 128
Mundu 133
No set 130

Crusader invoker 135
Roland 128
Seeker 126

Yeah like I said it’s about 6-8, let’s say 5-7 since that’s around double damage behind. It’s probably as easy as 100% > 200% damage and 1% > 1.5% AS/Resist/armor since they thought 2% was OP back in the day (it was).

Chantado’s a little more complicated, but since everyone just goes reverse archon and ignores it completely it probably needs the largest buff.

Chantodo is very well balanced with reverse archon Orb. Manald Heal is the one that needs a serious buff.

Agreed a straight buff to Vyr 6p would be the best and simplest fix.

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Difficulty in execution is never a problem in arpg games. Capacity of a build is. If someone can pull it off, every one can. Just the matter of putting right effort in.

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It is my fav suit and build. Nuclear! I usually call her Jean Grey from Marvel Universe. Full Archon with Obsidian ring and full powers Staff and orb. 100% cooldown as much as possible and Archon ramp with full defenses and shield. Intermediate build, one of my all time faves! 20% Swamii hat and full Fazula. I sometimes use Metchermitch(spelling) cooldown, or The furnace in cube.