Visions Of Enmity Loot

Hey guy’s,

So I really enjoy the visions but lately the loot drops on T16 are getting worse, I notice that if you speed run them solo you get a good amount of stuff but helping people out and picking up things before the next portal you get less stuff unless you ignore items and rush through and backtrack when you get the chest.

When someone gave me a PL the amount that dropped was crazy I managed to make a full build but now when I PL people hardly any Green’s/Oranges drop for me and them it’s quite annoying when trying to build characters for people is it just RNG or am I missing something?

Do the portal spawn locations matter as we were doing Cow Level and Act V

Use convert recipe in the cube for transmuting Veiled Crystals from other materials later. Only pick up magical, white and legendary items, ignore rare items on the ground and you’ll catch up.

How does the drop rate look if you run visions solo in T16?

It shouldn’t matter if you get them from cow levels or any other place in the game. What matters is how many levels you get. The first four or five levels don’t get you that many legendaries.


That is right on the solo runs. You can take your time and pickup what you want. When doing the in group some people don’t care and just race through them.

If by chance I’m doing them in a public bounty game. I will not join them because most people just race through them. But if you do get in a group that does care you really get a lot more. But that is very rare.

One thing about this game is some of the people don’t care. It is all about me, myself, & I if you don’t like To Bad To Sad leave.