Visions of Enmity - Levels?

Been trying to find useful information about Visions, but most are by Elite players that give a hasty rundown of the details.

I saw info that when you start the Vision cycle there are supposed to be 5 - 10 levels. I am playing the solo season and in Torment X, and I can say without a doubt the number of floors I get are usually 4 or 5.

What is exactly determining the amount of floors you get. You can’t say it is random, because it is not.

Incorrect, I have had the goblin on the very first level several times.

Regardless of what you think it is 100% random.


i played a couple of Visions on T16 solo daily, some of them are only 1-2 floors.
While most of them 4-5 floors.
Tried to find a pattern what determines the floor count but i have no idea still


And you base that conclusion on what exactly?

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Thank you, I have no idea where some of these “high end” content creators are reporting 10 levels.

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Casual player here who pretty much only runs fissures atm.

I’ve gotten quite a few fissures at that 10 level mark. They’re definitely rare but so are the ones where the final gob is found on the first or second level. The average seems to be around that 5-7 level mark for me.

You’ll know you’ve gone pretty deep when you get a chest that gives 60 of each bounty mat.


What torment are you running?

T16. No point running anything lower when I have a GoD DH or FotH Sader set up that can one shot most trash and blue mobs.

EDIT: I was gonna say to look at my profile for my DH and Sader setups but it looks like they’ve disabled my profile page… probably to fix that bug that doesn’t show seasonal characters as seasonal.

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I think Torment has a factor in this meaning you can only get up to a certain number based on your game difficulty setting. That’s why I stated earlier, that it was not random, that there was some other factor dictating what you could get.

And I appreciate your responses.

I run them on T16 and they are all over the place. Like I said before on T16 I have killed the goblin on the first level several times, torment has nothing to do with it.

I haven’t really ran fissures at lower difficulties all too much. After getting my 6pc set, I was able to do T12 but I did end up in one or two when leveling and they did vary between as little as 2 levels and something like 6+ levels.

But the number of levels is definitely randomised with the potential for a constraint on how deep you can go depending on difficulty.

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I don’t think that torment has an influence on how deep the fissures go. Your level does though, pre 70 the fissures lean more to the shorter side.

Floor count is actually between 1 and 15. I think 1-5 gives 20 shards, 6-10/40 and 11-15/60

How deep it goes is random. If you say “it can’t be random consoles can’t generate real random numbers” then ok It’s based on a seed and pseudo random.


Yea, Torment does make a difference. It is random but the max you can get most certainly is capped per game difficulty. Been doing Torment X for 10+ hours and not a single one over 5 floors. By just bumping it up to Torment XI, and first two I ran were over 5. So yea, it matters.

Not necessarily… I remember doing a really loooong one during leveling my SC character. Easily had 10+ floors, and two of them were Goblin layers. That was on Master, not even Torment and not even with a L70 character.
So I don’t think difficulty matters all that much when it comes to the length or depth of Fissures. Your character level might have an influence, though. And it might have changed after they released that small patch. But at least it’s how I experienced it so far - from how I see it, the lenght is completely unrelated to difficulty.

I’m on PC and I only play on T16 now - for me most Fissures are 7+ layers long. I don’t record it though, so I can’t offer statistics or distributions. I can say some end rather early on, single layer ones also happen - but they are quite rare. It’s way more likely to see longer ones that drop 60 mats.

I did one that had five boss level floors and it was amazing. I got 42 GR keys in one VoE. I have run so few rifts for keys this season due to the VoE in the game that I really hope they keep it and the spawn rate feels perfect. At the current rate it feels that you can do or skip the VoE and not feel like you are missing anything.

Levels are 1 to 15. The most materials I have gotten is 60.

So, in some 100+ fissures you got none over 5 levels? I’m calling BS on that.

I’ve only played Season 29 for about a week and I’ve gotten all sorts of level amounts. I got the goblin on level 1 and what I assume was level 10+ (I lost count) and everything in-between. Never got a primal though, not sure if the drop inside the visions.

They do.

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I mean we cannot dismiss it either, like who the hell plays on T10 for 10+ hours?!? Wth you doing OP lol!? get on T16 ASAP!

We can given that I have gotten 10+ at T6 when leveling a friend of mine, I doubt T10 specifically has a cap on number of floors, nor do I consider it likely that he failed the RNG lottery to that degree either.