Visions - GR Guardians fail to drop GR keys

Same as PTR. In the visions, GR Guardians and the Goblin Cache fail to drop keys if there is a pet equipped.
Admittedly, only one floor without a pet (1 key from each GR Guardian) and one floor with the pet (0 keys) tested so far.

Upon further review, it took 4 attempts without a pet before a GR Guardian failed to drop a GR key, and 5 attempts with a pet before a Guardian dropped a key so it appears it was just RNG.

As like the Altar before it, Visions too were toned a bit down from their original S29 theme. It’s not a bug it’s an intended change that we experienced on the S30 PTR.

In S29 there was only Visions to go after for progression since GR grinding gained you nothing but gem levels after paragon 800 so it makes sense why they were loafty aside from the fact it was the only theme.

If Visions stayed the prominent way to get GR keys you wouldn’t ever need to do a Nephalem Rift, now you have some reason to do them just don’t have to run em like a bot anymore.

Still with the Cains set sometimes you can get lucky and get multiple Rift Guardians in lower levels (that always drop 1) and get 2 sets of 6 but that’s if you get really lucky, the best way to get a lot of keys quickly and consistently is going to remain T16 Rifts.