Video game world starts moving to cut off Russia

Sorry I don’t speak Russian. You’re rewriting history. Right there you just did it. Russia contributed to Fascism. The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 happened. Did you know Kyiv existed for hundreds of years before Moscow was even a wide place in the road? Before there was a road. It’s why I don’t buy any of the owned by XXXX nation since ancient times nonsense. History is a conquest epic we’re all on conquered land and borrowed time. (The word that isn’t a slur except when used by Neanderthals) Sapiens aren’t indigenous to anywhere.


I am surprised that the mods have let this thread go for so long, considering that they closed other ones.

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Wow, I’ll probably duplicate your words on the Russian Forum, with a link to your profile.
What hundreds of years are you talking about. Do not speak if you do not know the history of the city of Kyiv, Kiev is currently 1200 years old, Moscow is 1147 so far. The difference is not that big.

On June 22, 1941, the treacherous German attack took place. Why do we need a pact?

  • Gains of time. Better with a contract than without a contract. The situation in Europe was indicative. Czecho-Slovakia had pacts with everyone. But no one covered her when Hitler entered her western region of the Sudetenland. The USSR wanted to help (we had an agreement with Czechoslovakia) - but Poland did not let our troops through, so anti-Soviet sentiments were so strong in Warsaw.

do you blame that Stalin allowed Hitler to unleash a war with this pact?.
1933 г. Пакт четырех - Германия, Италия, Франция, Великобритания. Подписан в Риме 15 июля для политического сотрудничества «ради устранения угрозы войны в Европе
1934 г. Пакт Пилсудского - Гитлера. Договор о ненападении между Германией и Польшей включал вопросы торговли, мореходства, СМИ и т.
1935 г. Англо-германское морское соглашение. Лондон позволил Берлину довести мощь немецкого флота до 35% от мощи британского - при равенстве сил подводных флотов.
1936 г. Антикоминтерновский пакт Германия - Япония. Военный союз для борьбы с коммунизмом, к которому присоединились Италия, Испания, Румыния, Финляндия, Болгария, Дания, Хорватия и Словакия
1938 г. Мюнхенское соглашение. Германия - Италия - Франция - Великобритания договорились о передаче Берлину Судетской области Чехословакии.
1939 г. Договоры о ненападении Германия - страны Прибалтики.
PS: I advise you to read at your leisure.

Me too, they must have the weekend off and rightly deserved, with that big D3 patch coming and all. :laughing:

Why delete a topic. We’re just discussing what’s going on. We do not swear, everyone just defends his point of view on what is happening.

Because this is what they have said. :point_down:

The Diablo III forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Diablo III.

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to Diablo III, Battle. net, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion.

I am ready bring it. :point_down:

“Some good news here… We expect a fix for this in the next big patch for D3 which will be with the next season but just wanted to update everyone on this. Sorry this one took a bit to tackle.”


Someone also blocked Ukrainians access to games.

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Many players from Russia are doing the same, canceling subscriptions that are still working, demolishing games from Blizzard.
У меня еще 2 недели оставалось, но сегодня отменил подписку и снес игру. Я провел много времени в ВоВ, играя почти 10 лет, встретил в игре много друзей, с которыми мы дружим теперь в реале, но пришло время расстаться. Майкрософт, Близзард присоединились к враждебным санкциям против моей страны, моей Родины. А значит- нам не по пути. Всем игрокам- удачи, успехов в жизни, мирного неба (что сейчас очень актуально) и берегите себя и своих близких.

Because the forum is supposed to be a place to discuss Diablo 3 and Diablo 4.

There are other places on the internet to discuss politics. This may very well get removed by moderators.

Even more so when it contains false information.

Soon, and I don’t mean that with the “TM”.

That is up to them. As you noticed because you can post, Activision Blizzard has not blocked Russian players from posting on the forums or playing the games.

What they did was stop selling games in Russia. Like many many many other companies have done all over the world. Not many companies want to do business in Russia right now.


Ок, I think the topic can be covered. If I offended you in any way, please forgive me. I am not from Evil. In my free time, I look for missing soldiers during the war years 1941-1945. But, today I canceled my subscription and demolished the game. Blizzard have joined the hostile sanctions against my country, my homeland. Which means we’re not on our way. Good luck to all players, success in life, peaceful sky (which is very important now) and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. You don’t do business with me.


So those companies that doing virtue signal now by stop doing business with Russia, will they shamelessly lift the sanction once the war is over, especially if Russia is the winner and Ukraine lost like 50% land for example?

Wouldn’t this will be “unfair” for Ukraine if that happened?

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I feel not allowing people to play video games is not what should be doing to the Russian people just because of where they live. They are not responsible for the crap that Putin is doing.

I agree with putting sanctions on Russia but removing the ability to play video games is not going to hurt Putin.

What we should be doing is getting the word out to the Russian people through the internet of the crap he is doing since he has the wool pulled over the Russian peoples eyes.

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They did not remove the ability to play, or to post on the forums. They stopped selling new copies of games in Russia. This is a financial stop, not a server access blockage (so far).


You literally have a russian poster here saying he’s fine with the invasion knowing full well whats going on there. To them, the invasion is justified and vast majority support putler.

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Would make sense to keep the sanctions going until Russia gave up the areas they had conquered.
Though I very much could see it going away over time. At some point, it turns into the new normal, no matter if people liked it or not.

Russia is not a military dictatorship. Putin is a duly elected civilian, winning reelection in March 2018. And, despite his missteps recently, the last thing he is is a dumb head. The man is almost solely responsible for bringing his country up from a Third World ****hole back to First World status, regardless of his methods.

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Not a military dictatorship. Still the textbook definition of a dictatorship however. Fake elections are not elections.

Eh, that didn’t happen though. Russia is still relatively poor. And that is only going to get much worse now sadly. Well, it was always going to get worse. When most of your economy is based on gas and oil, things are not getting better unless you do something to change course.

Killing the competition and jailing dissenters does not make for a valid election. Same thing happens to a lot of people who disagree with him…window attacks and all.

Even now they have no free media and are the people not allowed to even call it what it is - an unproved war against a sovereign nation.

It would be like the US attacking Canada then claiming Canada started it, that we were “freeing them from oppression”, shutting down any media that does not report the Govt line, and threatening all civilians if they call it “war”.

Most of Russia has never been First World. It is rural. Cities were already pretty well into second world before Putin. That happened pretty fast after the end of the USSR and Communism.

They remain on the poor side overall though because they have a a limited economy - and they have a Govt and Oligarchs who steal all the money, esp from state run industries like oil and gas.


So when China decides it wants to take Taiwan, will all these corporations find ways boycott China in every way possible, no matter how petty?


Everyone will still change their Facebook pictures and Twitter handles though