Very Bad Deaths

While its true the post title is a title of a book, I also thought it might be fun to share our most annoying ways we have died…beyond death by server lag, or death by being 1-shot after cheat death proc. If you play SC as well share some of those as well

I think mine was a pre 70 death with hefty GOE…Was playing in Bastion’s Keep and got hit by a falling rock/enemy catapult? Its only happened a few times but I really hate being killed by scenery effects.

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Back in May 2013, level 60, Inferno, rotating lasers…

Death by keystroke.

Unknowingly and rapidly pressing keys in a huge melee, bumped the enter key and all that was left of the deeds that might have been worth remembering, was 1,4,1,3,1,4,2,1,4 in the message box.

EDIT: The most incredulous death is killing the rift guardian in a GR then dying after killing it. That has only happened once and I think they fixed that.

Not fixed. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. :frowning:

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Well that truly sucks. That needs to be fixed. I feel your pain.

I’ve had simultaneous kills in GRs…Its not necessarily a bug…Someone posted a while back about dying while in conversation with Arsi getting their gems enhanced…not everything dies with RG.

I was killed by my cat.

My cat jumped off my desk and yanked the cord for my monitor. By the time I finished scrambling under my desk to get it plugged back in, I was dead.

In hindsight, I probably should have just kept blindly attacking and cleared the area around me, THEN plugged my monitor back in.

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Annoying deaths:

  1. Wireless Mouse running out of battery.
  2. Wi-Fi connection automatically disconnected.
  3. Laptop automatically updates or notifications pops up.
  4. System and client errors.
  5. Real life.

Practically anything that doesn’t involve the game.

Being pelted by falling rocks at Bastion’s keep or other locations with falling debris.

Yes, ‘death by environment’ truly sucks.

My most recent:
I was happilly oneshotting mobs and screen was clear when fire elemental was triggered. So I was stopped and watching the wall of flammes when an Oppressor apeared in front of the flames. I became curious what is the lames damage so I just watched.
10 pixels before reaching the flames the Opressor jumped above them directly on me and oneshot killed me.

Lvl 97 Wolf Barbarian.

Rushing my friend through Normal act4.
I was using Berserk so that i didnt kill myself on Iron Maiden.
Well, i got slapped with Iron Maiden and Manadrain at the same exact time while mid Berserk swing.
The Manadrain turned my Berserk into a normal attack, which instantly killed me.

I had my first hc death today… Was leveling a barbarian. Almost level 70, and about to kill the rift boss. Got punted into a molten elite pack that walled me in as I killed it. Oops.

OKay,…not sure what that has to do with the thread but whatever

My necromancer was killed by a demonic furnace in GR95 or GR99. First time I ran rifts in a group. Figures.

how does this happen? on death explosion?

Depending on the map there are spawn areas that can continue to spawn things during and after RG is dead so those getting axed are usually getting gems upgraded when attacked…this happens in some of the cathedral or halls of agony area maps.

Ah I see so there are just monsters around attacking me, me not realizing because i think im finished, doing other stuff and getting killed?

yep…extra characters since one cannot just say yes