Valentine's day?

Hello Blizzard, are you not going to celebrate with diablo inmortal community Valentine’s day??? I want to remind you… it is tomorrow and there is nothing yet from you.

Have a nice day, my love. Your community deserves better. :kissing_heart:

…and you are shocked why ?
They completely ignore 2 weaskest classes in D3 and you wait for an event the last day before Valentine’s day on a crappy made P2W Mobile Game ?

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Ugh, I swear one of the worst things about modern games is the inclusion of real world holidays with all of the garbage that entails.

For all that is holy,(or unholy), please leave Sanctuary alone.

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Why is this in diablo 3 ptr forums?

Immortal’s chat has emojis available. One is a kissing face, another is a kissing cat-face. By all means send as many of those as you like to folks. See how long it is until you get blocked by people uninterested.