US west server ping

Hi there im playing from Honolulu, HI on US West server im constantly seeing my ping jump from 63-200ms sitting at around 90ms a majority of the time. When using this website -[Diablo 2 Server Status and Ping Test Tool (pingserverstatus.c0m)]
Its been telling me that my ping to US East is lower than it would be on US West is there an issue with my ISP? or is that ping normal for a person that plays from where I’m located I’m using Spectrum ISP is there is any “real” way to check my ping to the server to see if there is way to stabilize my ping to the US West server my Account name is jcho808

It depends on the ISP’s connection to the mainland, which you don’t control. There could be a lot of hops between the west coast (where your ISP joins the rest of the US Internet network) and the USWest servers. Getting to/from the USEast servers may be faster because the connection going to the east coast is closer–in terms of server hops to those servers.