Upgrading Rares: Isn't it great rares can be useful as a lottery ticket with a chance to be better than a legendary?

Sounds like you’d rather have ancients than the option of another item quality which to me is pretty awful. What’s next you’ll ask for primals in D4 too?

No I want to know why you would upgrade ordinary belts when the belt you are after is a mighty belt

Diablo 2 did that…

Are you confusing item type:(mighty belt, regular belt) and item quality(rare, legendary)?

I think the biggest issue with rares is people got too used to D3 and slotting everything as sets/legendaries. Rares should be potentially useful if legendaries become more like D2 uniques and have set affixes and let rares be the random rolls they are. Then upgrading a rare could be worthwhile because you could see that 1 in a thousand rare that would be even better with a legendary affix but legendaries (and sets) would still have their places.

Anything could be a upgrade. So you must look at everything.

@Lolli42 I want to play the GAH because it requires thing.

You want to read and filter out millions of trash items, because it doesn’t require thinking.

Why create items to be useless?
Give all item kinds a reason to be in the game… and dont call that reason salvaging and selling because thats boring and lazy design…

Let there be amazing white items with bigger crafting purposes…
Let there be amazing magic items also with crafting purposes…
Let there be amazing rares items with more affixes rolls but lower values… with restricted crafting purposes…
Let there be unique items that no other item will grant you these affixes (NO LEGENDARY POWERS). and be able to upgrade low base stat to higher base stats for some cost (damage or armor stats).
Let there be low-high tier of set items but not be the best build ever…

Mythic items seem like wanting to take the spot of any of those other item types… but since its limited to only 1 slot of your gear seems fine, but theres no need to make them overwhelmingly powerful… only meaningful


Sry what exactly requires thinking?

I guess I don’t understand the OP’s point in a loot hunt game. Sorry.

Don’t worry dude ! Diablo Immortal is coming for you. Don’t you have a phone?

It’s a hack and slash game, too. Some people enjoy the theorycrafting and meticulous min/maxing of builds. Some people enjoy getting out a spreadsheet and figuring out optimum builds. Others just want to kill stuff.

I think it’s fair to say that the loot system needs to be complex enough to appeal to your spreadsheeters, but simplified enough that I can just run around and kill stuff too. When I level, I often mule up, collect every single drop, haul it back to town and sell it until I get enough resources to feel like I have enough, but eventually, I don’t want to be stopping every 3 minutes to go back to town. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes in town reading every single items that the game drops and deciding what to keep and what to toss. It’s a tremendous amount of time and effort not spent playing the active part of the game.

In D2, they had tiers of base items, so you knew you could ignore anything that wasn’t a hell difficulty base item. That helps a lot. The Diablo item engine drops us thousands upon thousands of items. We need a way to effectively and efficiently filter those so we spend our attention wisely crafting our characters, but still have plenty of time to play.

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You could easily discount a slew of items based on which weapons you use and which you don’t. Also you don’t have to see 500 rares drop in 10 minutes. If the drop quantity is not crazy high then sure you’ll be looking at a lot of items but that’s only over the course of a long play through.

And again unless you are competing on leaderboards or something you are not required to look at these rares for a miniscule upgrade. Having less options in a game stifles build creativity.

On a side note I am curious if they would let any legendary affix go onto any item (like weapon affix onto a rare chest armor). If so that would really open up things.

Thank you for taking the time to post that, I appreciate it.
I’m a pretty casual player, but gosh I look at an item for 2 seconds in these kinds of games and decide to scrap or not, doesn’t seem to take much of my game time.

Fixed that for you. Your welcome.

If they keep droprates down, this shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, you can still filter out what you don’t want to pick up based on the type of item. If you’re looking for sword upgrades, don’t pick up polearms. Maybe try focusing on a few particular stats to look for instead of trying to find a means to make every item you come across function.

I’ve scanned an entire inventory of items in Diablo 2 in a matter of seconds because I know what stats I’m trying to find. If it’s not listed on the item, I wasn’t interested in viewing it any further.

I just want them primals for my Barb!

So because you’re too lazy to use your eyes you’d rather have all rares and blues be useless?


There is an easy solution to your “problem” though, just reduce overall drops so you don’t have to filter through 1 mil items.
Or make it so that good rare drops only come from higher ilevel equipmen, or specific type of eq. Like it’s been in previous games. This way you will learn to filter pretty quickly.

Whilest that’s good that’s kind of a problem as well… Think "ingredients" should clearly say what they can be of use, things like - if you use this in item crafting there’s a chance you’ll get cold resistance or cold damage per hit… Things like that

In addition think there could be a cool feature where you could pick up an “uncomplete” item and have to use it in order to reveal (or add yourself) a few stats by personal gameplay usage (for example if you hit more often melee there’s a bar that might get filled to gain +X min or max damage, or if you cast more with it there’s a chance that particular skill might get a +1, or +2 depending on frequency of usage, or quality/capacity of “reliability” to it) :slight_smile:

Point being ? - crafting is as nice as long as you don’t need to “look up” information/s online for it… Heck even recipes might be an in-game “unlockable” thing

Think crafting recipes should be IN-GAME, just “greyed out” if not researched or somehow your character is not capable to do yet those things

Hopefully you would always expect crafting recipes to drop in-game. The blacksmith would only know the basic stuff. Although you can make finding better blacksmiths a game within a game.
I thought Dragon Age Inquisition has decent crafting - Materials are hard to come by for rare crafting recipes but results were always usable.
I’d rather spend a month finding rare mats and make a decent item than a month getting enough and make 200 things that are randomly worthless.

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Good point, my point was IF there are such recipes they should be IN GAME (as in - readable, the player knowing it’s there just need to look up for things), instead of randomly try out “combine sh*t and hope” or go online for the read… Another way to do it might be (just as noted above) describe the mats themselves what effects they’d (or could extra with some roll chances) bring

Yeah you got to figure most blacksmiths can read plans in Sanctuary. Maybe not in real Medieval times but in Sanctuary. I’ve played games where you got to find better and better blacksmiths to get the real good stuff made.
No randomly wasting mats for experimentation like you say.

Funny how in real medieval times blacksmiths worked in dark rooms to read the color of the furnace and hot iron they were working. They had no idea of the science behind what they were doing but crafted the finest blades darn near 1000 years ago.
Iron with 1% carbon is steel, with 2% carbon is cast iron junk. Exacting specifications - quenching, tempering and hardening the blade incorrectly will ruin it. They did all this repeatedly.
I find that amazing…