Unplayable and Forum is broken too


This game as it stands right now is unplayable and has been since Tuesday. Posting a note on the Blizzard client does nothing to help. Credibility for Activision is all but gone in my opinion. This game needs to be fixed or you need to shut it down until it is fixed.


Clan stuff is broken and party chat. How does that warrent unplayable. U just whisper ppl unstead. Lol


This isn’t even maintenance mode anymore. It’s like “Meh, it works well enough, we’ll fix later” mode.


“Hey, yeah our servers and game have been broken for about four days now…but don’t think about that…shhhh now go buy our $55 Malthael statue…yes that’s a good boy” - Activision


The forges are burning hot. Dont you guys are excited? Please wait for feedback of our CM


Idk, people are saying that they cant write on clan/party chat but i can. What else is bugged? I am playing without any problems


So you want to shut down the game, cause you can’t party chat or use clan… :roll_eyes:


I play solo, so how does that affect me ( rhetorical question)?