Unhallowed Essence set dungeon bugged

So I ran master dungeon couple of times completing every objective except one - “Kill all monsters (370)”.
I did all previous objectives under 3 minutes so I had enough time to run through entire dungeon second time, and there are simply not enough monsters. Every time its short ~16-17 monsters.

I’m not sure why you sometimes do not get credit for the Master Tier of a Set Dungeon and still have time left. But, I’ve seen screenshots from other players showing this being the case.

With the Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon it is often easy to overlook that last group of monsters at the end of the Dungeon.

I’m also not sure what exactly happened in your case or if this will help you, but here is a recent video of it that I found very informative:

Good luck! :bow_and_arrow: