Unable to deal dmg in full savage sets

I am unable to deal any dmg while I am in savage sets or change any equipment. I have try restarting the game after a change is done too. What else can I do to increase the fun in this game?

I looked at your Armoury page and I didn’t see any Barbs in the H90 set armour / Frenzy build. However, I did see that you’ve got a Barb in full Wastes gear with the Frenzy ability, but without Rend…

If you want to play Whirlwind / Rend / Wastes…

If you want to play H90 / Frenzy…

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One funny thing, in the french version of the game, both sets have “savage” in their name ^^
Etendues sauvages = Wastes
Horde des 90 sauvages = H90

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