Uliana set dungeon

When it says explode enemies with exploding palm, what is the rotation because when I do it i use cyclone to group then i try to punch them with exploding palm and when they exploded it says 2 ennemis were marked…
But when i watch youtube they seems to just group them and use cripping wave tsunami. I don’t understand … don’t u need to mark all enemies with ex palm before they blow?

No, it’s Uliana 2p at work.

The other guy in that thread is also wrong in his rotation. You don’t ever need to manually apply EP. It’s just, get in the middle of pack of mob (you can roughly guess how many is 15), Cyclone Strike, Crippling Wave (17 yd rune), SSS. Repeat.

Ah ok thank you. It was not clear at all for me. In this case why do u need the explosion palm in your active skills if it apply automatically anyway… very confusing from the game.

If you don’t have it on your bar, it will just use the default EP without any rune, which is going to give you a weaker version of the skill. So, if you put it on your bar, when it applies with your generator, it will do it with whatever rune you’ve selected. (Impending Doom, aside from being the most damage, has the advantage of removing the dot portion of EP, which makes it easier not to kill the monsters early for the set dungeon.)

I have finnally been lucky on the ennemies distribution after more than 700 tries this week I have just made it! With 2 seconds left. I have sweat in my armpits…All monks set dungeons completed. Yes! I got 4 explosion of 35 ennemies and more it helped. Now the only set dungeon missong is earth and it’s complicated combo.