Uliana 6 PC Buff Idea

I think the Uliana set could get a damage buff in the following way:

We all now the set struggles with damage, and this is not only against Rift guardians but even against grouped mobs in high rifts, you cant mow them down as fast as other builds.

At the same time, i think it would be very lazy to just buff the damage to the build and call it a day, since it could potentially make the build too OP with the amount of AOE it does.

My suggestion:

The 6th piece bonus of Uliana would look like this:

“Increase exploding palm damage by 9000% and your seven side strike detonates exploding palm. Each time an enemy is hit by the EP explosion, it will cause them to take 1% more damage from the element of the Exploding Palm

What this mean?

This debuff will be with the same formula of the “elemental exposure” from the Wiz. The enemy gets hits and it receives 1% more damage each consecutive cold damage from EP. Lets say you are fighting a single enemy and you do a SSS with Impending doom EP (cold). It will cause them to take 14% more damage from cold (the 14 hits from the procced EP). If you do another SSS, it will now be 28% and so on.

You would not need to especifically proc the EP on the enemy to be debuffed, if they are grouped and you proc an explotion, that explotion will add the 1% debuff to anything that was near the target and was damaged.

This would help to take down grouped opponents after hitting them enough, without having to buff the burst of the skill right off the bat, making it too strong

What do you think?

That might be a bit hard on the servers to track and calculate an ever increasing buff on a potentially large number of targets.

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I think this would be better on SSS, personally. In this build currently this skill does nothing for dmg, only EP. a better build synergy would use EP to kill trash with high static dmg, whereas SSS gains higher dmg on target over time. That way the calculus of stacking dmg will not accumulate on so many targets, since fewer targets will be alive as dmg is accumulating.

Another way to do this would be to increase SSS by dmg dealt by EP, so that as EP dmg stacks you do more with SSS. In this scenario you’d be able to finish off elites after trash dies. In highest tiers, you wouldn’t be able to nuke elites to the ground in one SSS after a pack, but maybe to 10-20% and pull to the next pack.
The goal for me is to see a real dmg synergy between the elements of this build, and for SSS to do something other than just trigger EP, which honestly you could do (or should be able to do) with primary skills - if that were the ideal goal or intent of the build

Interestingly, this build as it stands seems to parallel the current Mundunugu play style in some ways, showing that the potential for explosive grouping could be viable if the dmg of the set were increased. Unlike Nugu’s there is no manitou stacking up dmg to nuke the target to dead, which is where I see SSS coming in.

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both ideas sounds very good to me

i would love the SSS to be something else than an EP applying tool

I’ve made several suggestions to improve Uliana’s set, here and on the old forums. The biggest problem with Uliana (besides not enough damage) is that there is ZERO diversity in the build. The damage problem can be addressed with numbers tweaks to the set and corresponding legendary items. The lack of diversity requires a bit more work. As the set is reliant on SSS, the only viable rune of SSS to use is the cool down rune. I suggest to lower all the runes to 14 seconds and rework the physical rune (Sustained Attack) to dump ALL of your Spirit and perform additional SSS attacks for every 75 Spirit drained. They could even have that rune leave you stunned for a couple seconds after which would incentivize trying different runes and different element based damage. The other problem is the cold rune just does WAY more damage than every other rune. If they recode EP with more DoT damage for the non-cold runes, and have all EP explosions to consume all remaining DoT damage upon explosion, then that would allow you to try different runes. One other thing I’d like changed is for The Fist of Az’Turasq to buff ALL EP damage, not just the EP detonation (show the DoT runes some love). The belt Binding of the Lost should add stacks with targets hit, not replace with the most recent amount (it’s easy to go from full 60% DR to almost none and dead).


There was a SSS holy rune build with 5inna-3Uli that did mid 120s a while back. If they buff either supporting items or Inna in 2.7 i’d bet it will be coming back

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I am WELL aware of that build. I was there at the origin of how that build came to be on the old forums. I didn’t have the gear and ability to push with it, but I did plenty of theory crafting on it.

uliana has the potential to be one of the most fun builds, but as Khord says it has no diversity.

from no diversity, to clunky mechanics with COE, Mythic Rhythm and pylon.
i never managed to like this build, it has WAY to many problems with skills & mechanics.

too bad really, i remember when ulianas first cam, i was so exited the first season, then quickly realized i did not have the patience for this game play

I never suggest more diversity in the build because it would mean the devs to actuallu rework all the skills from sss and ep-… and i just dont see them doing that