UE Multishot need buff 3~5tiers urgently

Almost all PTR testers feel UE Multishot needs buff 3~5 tiers.Plz make it happen.


Yes the game definitely needs more S-tier ranged builds, while melee builds are completely neglected. LOD HOTA barb had a brief time to shine and is now way back down after losing their S27 power.

Just delete melee sets at this point to make it clear to players to only play ranged or pet builds.

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By pet you mean monk right? Necro Rathma is just a ranged build anyways

By S-tier (according to maxroll non-season ranking) pet builds I mean LOD WOL (the rabid strike clone does all of your damage), akkhan, rathma, marauder. The only build in this list that doesn’t qualify as a ranged build in this list might be akkhan, and even then you only spend time in melee (actual melee) range if you’re using a F+R setup with a primary melee skill, rather than a primary ranged skill.

The remaining S-tier builds are all ranged, including raekor barb, who does the vast majority of his damage from various ranged distances using ancient spear.

By melee build I mean you stand right next to the monster (or on top of it with illusory boots) and use melee range skills to deliver most/all of your damage. That means a POJ monk doesn’t qualify as melee, but a raiment or LTK (which no one plays anymore) or uliana monk would. Spin-to-win melee like whirlwind barb doesn’t qualify as melee to me, but a HOTA or frenzy barb would.

How many neglected melee focused builds and/or sets exist this far into D3 now? Roland crusader is garbage and invoker crusader puts you to sleep. Raiment monk dies instantly to everything, LTK isn’t viable, and uliana is still very weak even with the S27 power. Why is the IK barb set bonus still 4000% instead of 8000% or 10000% or something?

D3 has the opposite problem of WoW, in which the devs actively create more melee builds and even rework existing ranged specs (e.g. survival hunter) into a melee build.

Wait, wait, I almost forgot the scythe necro build. Oh wait, your simulacrums, which are pets, do all of your damage. Carry on.

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I don’t qualify any of them as pet builds, cloning a skill to me isn’t a pet, it’s just a mirror or duplicate of your spell, meaning they are all just ranged builds lol.

A pet at least in my mind would be able to damage to any decent level without you having to use your spell. If you have to use a spell then what’s the point of a pet or how is it one, may as well call the free meteors on Wiz a pet. Anyways not arguing the ranged part, more of agreeing.

Yea we need to buff UE .
On an unrelated topic you should nerf WD’s and Crusaders…
Also making Crusader Shields give 1 less stat and WDs to use only 3 passives…


I don’t see where Akkhan is an S-tier build on Maxroll? Unless I read this wrong. It would blow my mind if they are considering it anywhere close to Tal/Trag or LoD WoL!
Ahh, my mistake, non season… Still I have played Akkhan/Tal/Trag/LoD WoL and I 100% disagree with that assessment.

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You could not have said it any better! 100% AGREED!!!

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No mate ,you are wrong.
Akkhan IS INDEED S-Tier build , … Considering you want to get Epilepsy , PTSD and lagspikes every 2 seconds.


BRING CAPTAIN AMERICA BACK!!! @ Crusaders, Be Heard!

Join the movement!


Blizz 2 years ago : WE do hear you!
Blizz 2 years later : Rework Innas = OP! , Rework Marauder = OP! , Rework Natalya’s = OP , Rework Firebird = OP!.
Rework Akkhan’s = ET VOILA! This is the best we can get fellow Crusaders!


Future crusader change: wearing any type of shield decreases all damage done by the crusader by 50%

Additional change: Each successful block with a shield has a 50% chance to stun the crusader for 1 second because the shield hits them in the face

Dev 1: So the community wants us to rework Akkhan next
Dev 2: This set normally casts condemn right?
Dev 1: Yes
Dev 2: And the community wants us to include phalanx somehow?
Dev 1: Yes
Dev 2: What if we have phalanx cast the condemn?
Dev 1: All the time or only if the player does something
Dev 2: We can force the player to cast judgement every 6 seconds on every enemy to make phalanx cast condemn
Dev 1: Oh right judgement, I forgot that skill
Dev 2: Ya we don’t want to neglect judgement
Dev 1: But don’t phalanx have a cooldown?
Dev 2: Ya we’ll keep that cooldown so akkhan still needs to stack CDR to do damage
Dev 1: Can’t we remove the phalanx cooldown as a set bonus?
Dev 2: Nope, we only give such convenience to demon hunters
Dev 1: So the new Akkhan build has a cooldown dependency on using condemn even though the legendary shield (Freydar’s Wrath) removes the cooldown?
Dev 2: Correct, this should provide a nice challenge for the player
Dev 1: So our new Akkhan will be like the old Akkhan except you press more buttons to get carpal tunnel and you are at the mercy of pet AI?
Dev 2: Sounds good
Dev 1: SHIP IT

edit: I added more funny


I have proposed buff Akkhan 6 P(1500%→3000%) many times,but Blizzard ignored it.

Why does this sound like reality… I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry!
Well done!


In another discussion some other day:

Dev 1: So the community wants us to rework the Nat’s set
Dev 2: How about spike trap? No one uses that skill
Dev 1: Ya sure we have a bunch of unused spike trap items
Dev 2: So do we want the player to manually lay spike traps?
Dev 1: What!? No, this is insert current year, people only play strafe
Dev 2: So we should let the traps automatically apply from strafe
Dev 1: Correct, we don’t design this game for hardcore no-lifer braniacs
Dev 2: How about moving around and surviving? The build might have discipline issues
Dev 1: I guess the spike traps can also grant infinite discipline
Dev 2: Sounds good
Dev 1: SHIP IT


They won’t be satisfied till all builds are the same. As well as the meta.

Doing pretty well so far, need to kill marauder DH tho so it’s all spin to win. They should really take inspiration from WD that pretty much every build requires the same 4 skills at bare minimum.

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Sure why not, future marauder changes:

  • Attacking an enemy with strafe automatically deploys a sentry turret near it
  • Deployed sentry turrets automatically attack targets with your available hatred spenders

I can imagine a spinning DH throwing out turrets like confetti. Fair and balanced.

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