Two BUGS about Natalya should be hotfixed urgently

1.If you repeatedly release The Fan of Knives and Spike Traps in some situation,then the elite and boss may suddenly die.
2.Lighting Rune of Spike
traps can’t work in Natalya set 4p (pull not working) and 6p (25% damage stacks can not work) correctly.This bug has existed since the Patch 2.7.6 has been released, and it is also need to be hotfixed urgently.


It’s already been reported. Please delete the exploit part.

It doesn’t matter. Accounts exploiting the bug will be perma banned. Players knows they should not attempt any exploits/bugs.

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It is not allowed to share exploits, especially via the official forum.

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Not everyone that uses it will be banned. Only those on the leaderboards, meaning if people know how it works they can use it to level gems in lower than their highest clear thus being able to avoid the ban and quickly level and keep gems.

No, it’s never okay to spread a exploit and how it works.

I was doing this on PTR and posted about it there… I thought it was just the lightning rune…

Exploit is an exploit. In your analogy, you can bot how ever you like as long as you are below the leader board.

An exploit needs to made available to everyone so not a selected group hides it and benefits to them selves only. Only by mass scale application will Blizzard notice it and fix unintentional mechanics asap.

And streamer like DiEoxiDe and Wudi have already reported it, recorded videos to show Blizzard how it works and Blizzard has told them to expect a fix this week. So spreading it around doesn’t help anything other than mess up the boards further.

Which if that’s what you’re after, I’m sorry.


Abella using an exploit can be a reason for a ban. At least if I remember correctly.

So spreading it doesn’t help anyone!

The devs as Idolis said have been notified but it takes time to make changes.

Sh1t game plays like sh1t?
Working as intended!

Sh1t game plays like fun?

What a clownshow these devs truly are.:roll_eyes:

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There must have been like 5 exploits and I was too slow to pick on them… :smiley:

I came to the forums to find out why there is seemingly crappy builds flogging GR150… I’m assuming the exploit discussed here is the reason?
I hope they clean it up quickly!

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I have used Fan of Knives on my DoG DH and it hasn’t done anything to enemies.

Are there A n y statements from Blizzard regarding this situation ? Paragon 1200 clearing 150 GR in less than 2 minutes with random gear ? for weeks now ?

Noone had been banned and the leader board is still full of exploiters HC and SC.

I’ve had a post removed complaining about it too.

Absolutely no posts nor any action regarding the 2 piece Nat exploit.
The only banning has been posts removed for complaining about it.

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Exactly said! I created a thread called “It seems DH has an abuse” a few weeks ago, this thread had dozens of replies and thousands of views, but today it just got deleted telling me “This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.”
Hey, are you serious there, your house is already on fire, and you cancel the call of firefighters so as not to spoil the image? Or because you can’t do anything but delete messages?
In any case the screenshots do not burn, and I’ll just leave that screenshot here for a long time:

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