Two Barb questions

So I have hit a wall in my push for grifts at 115. As a barb I have all the gear that the max roll gg website has for a WW barb.

First question is - does the dps gain from the crimson set without dropping BoM but dropping convention make sense? My damage would be double and the damage reduction would be the same plus I’d get 100 percent on my wrath but idk if loosing convention ring is worse.

Second - is the squirts neck better than a hellfire amulet that has a good passive? I wonder bc squirts in a grift at 115 never seems to be up but I see all top leaderboards running it. I know that some ppl fish for certain grifts with certain pylons to get better times but for progressions sake wouldn’t a piece that is up all the time be better ?

I’m paragon 800 so is how do you climb past 120 ? Is it just better gear or augmented gems I feel stuck.

  1. According to our excellent WW/Rend Guide Crimson isn’t recommended until 5K paragon
  2. Most of the time, a WW/Rend Barb is getting hit in the face all the time. This means a Squirt’s necklace never gets a chance to get stacks. That means you’re not getting extra damage, and you’re not taking extra damage. However, when (or indeed if) you find a Shield pylon, this means you can no longer be hit and your stacks will build to 10, giving you a 100% damage boost for the duration of the pylon’s effect, i.e. 1 minute (assuming you have a follower with Flavor of Time emanating). If you can also find a Power pylon whilst the Shield is active, that’s a huge damage boost. This is why top clears favour the Squirt’s over a hellfire.

So then if I’m doing everything right that fact that 115 is too hard comes down to lack of ancient primal gear and augments??? And paragon levels ?

I’m just wondering if I should do something that isn’t farm for more paragon and augments ect

The build guides don’t generally break down by paragon levels. Some of them can really only be done with 3k+. So, yes, likely you need to get more paragon. Gear can almost always be improved but that’s the hardest thing - the guides always show perfect gear with perfect affixes.

If you don’t drop BoM, then you lose both CoE (+50% damage) and Mantle (+25% damage), which is actually an 87.5% damage buff, compared to about 50% from Crimson. So, that’s a damage loss.

From your comment, it also sounds like you are having trouble keeping WOTB up all the time… how much CDR do you have? Also, are you using a “speed” setup using a 1H ethereal, or a “pushing” setup, using Grandfather. I tried looking at your profile, but couldn’t find it. A D3 planner link would be helpful.

Hey , I’m playing on Xbox I tried linking accounts but idk if there is another way to link my armory to you.

Yes I am having some trouble keeping wrath 100 not a lot like maybe 5 to 8 seconds of downtime at most.

I have both a speed build and a push build with grandfather my grandfather rolled ambos so I cubed furnace. My push build is a mirror of what’s on max roll website with obviously normal stats since I don’t have all ancient gear.

I just wonder what route to spend my time on now whether to farm for for better gear and paragons plus augment gems to climb up or go for a hellfire gem maybe. Im only paragon 800 so maybe more paragon will eventually let me see past 125 ish.

I’ll try to get a link

Paragon is considered big not just because of the damage boost from having more paragon, but also the defensive boost. As you get more and more paragon you can drop your defensive options in exchange for offensive options.

Any idea what the thresholds would be? For instance, if you are under 1,000, you more than likely will not be able to clear GR110? I know it’s a loose estimate, but it wouldn’t be typical to see someone only 1,500 to be clearing GR150, even with the seasonal buff, right?

Oh, I’ve done a GR114 with about 800 paragon, and I haven’t really been pushing yet, and that’s with BKs. I haven’t even broken out the ethereal Grandfather yet.

At 1k paragon everyone should be able to clear a 110 easily. Aside from it being very squishy it has more then enough damage for 110. As MB said he cleared 114 already without an ethereal at 800 paragon. As for a 150 barb clear in season it will take at least 4k maybe even closer to 5k. World rank 1 is 141 and they are a little under 4k.

Taking CC also removes the option of being able to cube Stone Gauntlets…

Not sure who your message about SG was intended for but IP and WOTB negate the negative side effects of SG.

You would have to wear CC belt and cube lamentation, removing the option to cube SG if desired.

Oh I see your referring to captain crimson. That’s not an option for pushing at all. For one it actually less damage when you factor in area damage. Second it’s too squishy even in non season let alone season where it’s even squishier.

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So I haven’t augmented anything yet; I don’t feel like any of my pieces are really worthy of an augmentation. I’ve just been hoarding extra gems and leveling them to 100. If it augment 10 pieces with level 100 gems, it’s essentially adding 1,000 Paragon levels, right? If I assume that I’m P1250 by the time I augment, I’d essentially be P2250. In your experience and understanding of the game, what GR level would you assume that I should be able to clear?

There is now way he will know what you can clear. Everyone has different skills and depending on maps and how many keys you are willing to fish will decide that. I can tell you I did a 125 on the very first key I put in at 1162 paragon and zero augments.
I also didn’t use stomp or spear. I think your looking at augment wrong. The sooner
you augment the sooner you get your main gems higher. I usually start augmenting
as soon as I have them ready. For solo players 110s are really easy to get so I would start there.

That makes sense!

I suppose I should go ahead and augment a couple of my better pieces. I’m still lacking Ancient pieces to my current build - Kadala hasn’t been very giving lol. Perhaps doing so would at least help me knock down my GR105 clear times, if nothing else.

this season is different. it’s a lot like season 19. the theme is doing a lot of work for you. I first keyed my 125 (went from 120) with captain crimson, convention of elements, band of might. I cubed mess reaver (my 2h has rend on it). IT’S SO FUN! lol. The cooldown timers refresh faster than zodiac for the most part. Maps with lots of critters is a plus.

Really depends on what you’re going for. Like Chris said, upping your augs will definitely let you push higher, do speeds faster, which will in turn let you get higher gems and better augs.

On the other hand, if you’re only going to aug once for each slot this season, because you aren’t planning on spending the time to do multiple cycles of aug—> grind —> upgrade gear —> aug again, then sometimes it may be better to wait for a better piece of gear in X slot, rather than augmenting a piece with crappy rolls.

For my part, I am not augmenting anything this season- just grinding out a bit of gear, looking for some upgrades for my NS characters while having some fun.