TurboHud, Bannable or Not?


Actually, it sounds like a case of bad RNG.  


Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend the time working on D4 instead of anti Thud/Botting in D3? D3 is what 7, going on 8 years old and getting close to its end of life cycle. You cant make $ selling items in D3 as far as I know. Botters do it mostly for bounties. Because bounties are extremely boring to do over and over. As far as Thud goes, all it does is read memory and display it in the UI. Is it changing anything? Can you edit anything to actually cheat in the game? Nope. Wow has tons of add-ons that read memory and display it on the UI. So why is WoW allowed to use addons and D3 isn’t? Thud shows information that players want to be able to see. Most of the features in Thud should be in the D3 UI. The standard UI in D3 is lacking so much information and makes playing the game pretty boring…


It’s not the same team…


That is what Blizz chose for D3 and it will not change unless they want it to, which is highly unlikely to happen. Since consoles have offline mode they could always say buy a console version.

I know there are those that need certain things like dps meters or other things. Wow look at that high crit number or what just happened to my dps. To me those things are a hindrance to me improving my GR clears. So I don’t have any damage numbers or enemy health bars. That is clutter that gets in my way of seeing important effects on the ground among other things.


Been hearing that for a loooong time, a blizzard long time. How about fixing the group join issue?

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Working on that GIJoe. Thanks again.


Afaik the team has only ever discussed bot banwaves around the time they do them. When they say it, they do it and vice versa. There’s been some downtime and some hard times, but they’ve got things running again so I don’t figure they’re lying.

If you’re expecting bots to completely disappear forever, tho, that’s no small task.


MC edaquist! worked with you back in the day at BBY385 good times!


This bring a very VERY large smile to my face.
Lets hope they take action frequently against Thud and Bots.


I have to disagree here.

Simple macro < Thud < AHK / Advanced macro < Bot


That’s exactly what I wrote.

I don’t consider numlock equivalent macro’s an issue since this is available to everyone.

Thud < AHK/Advanced macro < Bot.


The programs I’m talking about that are macro/timing programs literally autocast all everything with perfect timing. This is different than numlock in that some skills do not have a time out period and numlock can not be used for them.

If your macro is effectively doing more than numlock, I don’t think that’s technically okay - i.e. interlocking two commands.


Some things you did not say THUD helps with are:

  • Player can see if loot is ancient/primal or not before picking it up. This saves him a lot of time, making him a much more efficient. Salvaging becomes much more efficient.
  • It can show him true elite among 5-6 illusions.

There are more examples probably.


I wasn’t specific and I don’t use it - so I wouldn’t be great and giving specifics.

The legendary ID is important for those who BOT also since they won’t need the souls.

The illusionist thing I didn’t know - I had always thought they were skipped / avoided.

A lot of times. the thud players would be able to tell me if I needed to grab an elite off the map or wait to group up more for better map progression. i.e. there’s a group of mobs north of us, or another elite that is safe to pull…etc.

This would make potentially make a difference in speed ext grifting by a minute or so.


O they need souls because they have infinite amount of bounty mats.


I literally just play to get the Cosmetics and do the season Journey, I see no other purpose for the game.


Thanks for this new epic awesome info , you speak about THUD and bot but have you any plan about people who are using what player call “cookies” ?

We all know that some big player are using virtual machine with a lot of account doing bounties for them with third programm ( bot ) in this way they can do a lot of reforge without doing any bounties with their main account.

Please consider this is a must focus too because player are just doing it every season and get a perfect stuff in 1 one week with this.

Thanks a lot for your feedback !


I checked out what Turbohud is… and to be honest, it would never have happened if Blizzard did a good job with the base interface. It was criticized for being uninformative from the very beginning.
Just look at how interface is done in something like FFXIV. They don’t allow UI addons like in wow, but instead their own UI is flexible and adjustable in A LOT of ways. You can move and change almost anything. This approach has benefit of letting the players customize their experience, but not letting them access information that you don’t want to give them.


Should you catch the plug-in now? Want to catch it now? Are you doing something?
Do you let all manual players treat you like you?


That’s the case with the standard LBs, which are very stupid way to measure efficiency and skill.

In fact, D3 won’t ever have meaningful efficiency competition, because of its simple itemization.

But D3 could have a highly advanced skill competition based on Challenge Rifts. And in these, macros give way more advantage than the other two.

To generalize a conclusion:

  1. Botting is bad for mixed competitions aka such not involving time played as a factor
  2. Overlays are bad for all kinds of competitions involving random parameters
  3. Macros are bad for all kind of competitions

I am always against botting as a practice.

I am for good aspects of overlays - these should be incorporated in the game as possible options the player could select.

I am for skill macros in any possible combination. If I were a game designer I would give total freedom to the players to choose what skills to autocast, chain or time themselves. The reason for this is very simple - if a build needs a macro for maximum efficiency, it will always be a low skilled build, because there is more skill in planning and executing the skills appropriately (following one’s plan) than pressing series of keys in a precise timing.

To explain more the above with an example: The current AI SC2 programs destroy all pro-players in the micro management. If you give the pro-player and the AI an army of 12 stalkers and force them to fight at even ground, the AI wins 100 out of 100 times leaving the battle with at least 1 alive stalker.

But if the AI is forced to make advanced macro management and plan its whole game like in SC1 it loses the majority of time to the pro-player.

So, because of this I am for 100% in-game macro implementation related to skill management in Diablo 4:

  • Auto-casting of skills
  • Chaining of skills
  • Timing of skill casts

If the developers create builds that rely on auto-casting, chaining or timing, the player should have the option to apply a macro for these. If the developers create high skill builds not depending on the above three, the player should not need any macro at all.

And last, I am against all other type of macros, for example such that involve inventory management or auto-click patterns, because this is essentially a bot.

To sum-up:

  • Bots, overlays, macros should always be banned
  • Good aspects of overlays have to become optional UI elements
  • In-game available skill macros should exist


Please ban all botters fully. All these bounty bots, rift/GR bots are just gaining paragons/mats/better gear nonstop. They’re ruining the game, pretty much every public bounty game i join have at least 1-3 bots running. Blizzard is suppose to be a reputable company, how could you let this happen after so long? Other games you would instantly ban cheaters. Please fix this asap ty