TurboHud, Bannable or Not?


I hope that TurboHUD users will be banned. I’m the one who use many cheats or trainers for offline games, but for Blizzard’s ones, never.


Does turbo hud allow you to see your damage shield? Would it be worth it to use for that critical info? Unsure what all turbo hub displays.


I would have a better chance being higher than I was with bots. Being close to #1 is the goal, being #1 seems like I would have to no life it and sit in my computer all day eating delivery chinese food every day.


Bots are by far the biggest problem compared to turbohud. While turbohud’s main benefit is the maphack, macro/timing programs and Bots are definitely a bigger problem with regard to impact of play.

Bots give you paragon, bounty mats, gear (both found / re-rolled), save you time played, can fish grifts for you, etc. There is trickle down benefit (high paragons being DPS / getting gear drops that the botter obviously doesn’t need) to those who don’t bot but play with people who bot or have alternate accounts botting bounties to give to the main account.

Macro-timing programs - optimize your play and survivability by minimalizing downtime on lifesaving buffs that depend on skill activation. Of course, this also goes for damage timing with your COE and certain chaining of commands that require good timing (LON Wizard).

Now turbohud, gives you the ability to notice where pylons are and what certain elites are for better grouping and faster map progression. This is definitely impactful, but not as much as the first two above.

If you aren’t alive or doing damage, doesn’t matter what map hacks you have.

If you don’t have best in slot gear with the right rolls, again unlikely that you are even on the same grift range as the leaderboarders you are competing against.

Before turbohud gives you any sigificant advantage for pushing - you need:

  1. the right mobs
  2. the right map
  3. the right density
  4. the right size of said map with the right density and mobs
  5. the right order of pylons
  6. the right rift guardian.

So, turbohud while making this more efficient overall for non-push play, for the actual leaderboard position it doesn’t affect it nearly as much as we want to think it does.

What it does do is making your every day play when you are ACTUALLY at your computer more slightly efficient. Blizzard has made this less of an issue with the purple arrows, standardizing pylon placements, and decreasing the length to dead ends in maps.

So pick your battles wisely, while turbohud is definitely a cheat, the extensive macro programs and the bots should be a significant priority.


I don’t care about this - what I and thousands of other players care about is the Non drop of captain Crimson Trimming pattern. Bounty after bounty with no pattern drops at all. How about addressing this in the forums instead of worrying about TurboHud at this late date. I don’t use it but Captain Crimson Trimmings is something a lot of us use and can’t this season.

(Matthew Cederquist) #116

Sounds like a bad case of RNG.


I knew you’d say that. After 91 bounties, patterns dropped in everyone until the last 41. I have all the patterns except CCT and I am not the only one. Some on on the bug thread claimed that he was told patterns continue to drop until one has them all. If this is true then no patterns drops for 41 straight runs isn’t bad RNG. It’s a bug. Like I said - I’m not the only one. You should check out the threads on the bug report forums. There are people that have run more bounties than my 41 without a single pattern drop.


a gobelin gave mine while i was doing a quest.


Actually, it sounds like a case of bad RNG.  


Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend the time working on D4 instead of anti Thud/Botting in D3? D3 is what 7, going on 8 years old and getting close to its end of life cycle. You cant make $ selling items in D3 as far as I know. Botters do it mostly for bounties. Because bounties are extremely boring to do over and over. As far as Thud goes, all it does is read memory and display it in the UI. Is it changing anything? Can you edit anything to actually cheat in the game? Nope. Wow has tons of add-ons that read memory and display it on the UI. So why is WoW allowed to use addons and D3 isn’t? Thud shows information that players want to be able to see. Most of the features in Thud should be in the D3 UI. The standard UI in D3 is lacking so much information and makes playing the game pretty boring…


It’s not the same team…


That is what Blizz chose for D3 and it will not change unless they want it to, which is highly unlikely to happen. Since consoles have offline mode they could always say buy a console version.

I know there are those that need certain things like dps meters or other things. Wow look at that high crit number or what just happened to my dps. To me those things are a hindrance to me improving my GR clears. So I don’t have any damage numbers or enemy health bars. That is clutter that gets in my way of seeing important effects on the ground among other things.


Been hearing that for a loooong time, a blizzard long time. How about fixing the group join issue?

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Working on that GIJoe. Thanks again.


Afaik the team has only ever discussed bot banwaves around the time they do them. When they say it, they do it and vice versa. There’s been some downtime and some hard times, but they’ve got things running again so I don’t figure they’re lying.

If you’re expecting bots to completely disappear forever, tho, that’s no small task.


MC edaquist! worked with you back in the day at BBY385 good times!


This bring a very VERY large smile to my face.
Lets hope they take action frequently against Thud and Bots.


I have to disagree here.

Simple macro < Thud < AHK / Advanced macro < Bot


That’s exactly what I wrote.

I don’t consider numlock equivalent macro’s an issue since this is available to everyone.

Thud < AHK/Advanced macro < Bot.


The programs I’m talking about that are macro/timing programs literally autocast all everything with perfect timing. This is different than numlock in that some skills do not have a time out period and numlock can not be used for them.

If your macro is effectively doing more than numlock, I don’t think that’s technically okay - i.e. interlocking two commands.


Some things you did not say THUD helps with are:

  • Player can see if loot is ancient/primal or not before picking it up. This saves him a lot of time, making him a much more efficient. Salvaging becomes much more efficient.
  • It can show him true elite among 5-6 illusions.

There are more examples probably.