Try this with GOD cold build . It works well!

If you can get you a good pair of Frostburn’s , they work as good as the set gloves IMO and what’s really cool is I am able to do as much damage and consistant as well without COE in my cube . Now , this could be because I am set up with Etrayu and WoC Bracers which adds to cold damage and then the plus to cold damage and 50% chance to freeze from the Frostburns , I am seeing just as good if not better damage than with having reliance on CoE . You do need RoRG ring in the cube to keep full set stats . Currently running with this and I really see no difference as to how it was when playing with CoE in Cube and running full set and this is consistant without having to rely on COE Cycles . Also taking less damage as the Frostburn’s freezing enemy slows getting hit way down . I’m able to dish out pretty good damage by the time they come out of frozen mode done on them by the Frostburn (practically dead by then). Got a pair of good Primal Frostburn’s last night and thought I would try them out and they are pretty damn awesome on my build . You can check my gear out if you want to see how I am set up at the moment . I am using this set up in solo GR’s and I like it . No other changes to gear or anything else other than gloves and then using RoRG in the cube instead of COE are required . Have a good weekend everybody !

First thing the Depth Diggers are doing nothing for you. Put the frozen gauntlets in the Cube. Now put on the gauntlets from the set. Take OFF the pants from the set. Put on Blackthornes with Cold Damage. and if you are lucky Hungering Arrow. This will increase your cold damage by another 20% to a total of 100% Cold damage.

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Depth Diggers doing nothing ? Omg…


Maybe the truth wil ‘Dawn’ on you one day :slight_smile:

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You’re forgetting to sub out GoD helm for Andariel’s with Cold dmg as well. This one’s tricky as you’ll want to roll off the attack speed unless if you’re using 2h xbow. Happy grinding!

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Well I be damned ! I somehow missed that Frostburn legendary power was in my Cube . I could have been using it for a while and didn’t know it . LMAO ! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys . You can all scrap the clever idea I had there . ROTFL :upside_down_face: Gear changed and now running with them in the cube and got my COE back in the mix and a pair of quad gloves . Sorry bout that , but makes for a good laugh . :grin:

I guess I wasn’t playing too aweful bad as I cleared a 131 the other night with Depth Diggers equipped in the cube … :rofl:

Why would you ever take Frostburns over Depth Diggers? The +20% cold equates to about +14% damage (assuming +40% already from bracers/amulet) whereas the Depth Diggers double your primary damage output since it’s a multiplicative +100%.

You’re basically nerfing your damage by 3.5 GRs by opting Frostburns over Depth Diggers. The random freeze chance isn’t really needed and can get in the way of trying to group or lure enemies.

Edit: here are some other options if you “really” hate the CoE:

  1. Cube RoRG -> equip Aughilds set - high damage but lacks toughness (good for high paragon)
  2. Cube: RoRG -> equip Mantle of Channeling or Depth Diggers (cube other) - somewhat balanced
  3. Cube: Elusive Ring -> use standard build otherwise - very tanky overall
  4. Cube: RoRG -> equip Depth Diggers or Frostburns (cube other) - worse than option 1

That third option is probably the best for you if you must use Frostburns but the damage output is worse than even the Mantle of Channeling option and doesn’t include the 25% damage reduction either.

TL;DR The Aughilds option is the best for CoE replacement.


@ Iria , Well , Tiny Cat said above that Depth diggers were doing nothing . So I switched to Frostburn in the cube . After doing so I noticed that my times in GRs have changed for the worse . I think I may go back to how it was set up to begin with and leave it alone .

Are you trolling? TinyCat was noting that SuperHellus was completely mistaken. Depth Diggers are an absolute must if you want to play the build optimally; there is really no way around it aside from maybe T16 farming builds using Captain Crimsons or something.


No , not trolling Iria . I misread that . Sorry to Tiny Cat . I have used Depth Diggers in Cube from the beginning . Like I said on OP at top . I found the Frostburns and tried them and it worked pretty good . But starting to have second thoughts by some of the feedback I’ve gotten . I think I’m going to revert back to how the build was to start with . The idea I had may not do so well in pushing . I was testing it in GR 110 and 115 and it seemed really strong , but that may change in higher GR’s . So never mind with this post everybody . I’m gonna go back to how it was . My damage is fine as it was . Was hoping I could squeeze some more cold damage as I haven’t found a FOT with Cold Damage as of yet . I appreciate your knowledgable input and will look into it Iria .

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The other guy didn’t know what he was talking about when he said depth diggers did nothing for you. Your setup works just fine. Idk if it’s better than CoE (too lazy to do the math tbh) but it works.

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I assume FoT is the neck. I think most GoD DHs are using squirts necklace with a flavor on the follower due to the emanate mechanic with the follower rework. That’s another pretty big damage increase even if you don’t have the cold % on a squirts.

I could be misreading what you meant though, so feel free to disregard.

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Your right Benry . I’m not with it today , I meant to say squirts up there . I have two nice primals . The squirt and the FOT , but both have the average damage or whatever instead of Cold . Still not bad necks , but I am always looking for that little more damage out of each gear piece .

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Oh for sure. It happens dude. Yeah, I’m in that same camp on most of my characters this season. I can’t find a squirts with double crit and ele damage to save my life. Good luck, man!

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Good luck to you as well !

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I still like this setup after all . I’ve been messing with it and I’m getting better times in GR 110’s and 115’s using it . Not much difference but it’s a little better on my particular set up & kinda nice to have something working well without relying on COE . The real test will be trying it in a GR push situation . Actually enjoying it’s consistent damage over the COE’s cycling . I’ll try it when I want to do some higher GR’s again .

The best option is the Aughild’s variant for those kinds of speeds. You cube the RoRG and wear Aughild’s Bracers + another piece. While you lose some non-elite damage reduction, your damage taken vs elites is about the same as with Wraps of Clarity. And furthermore, your overall damage is comparable with CoE (+50% time averaged vs +30%/+69% vs non-elite/elite).

Yep , I know that people are using that setup as well . I am going to try it later . I haven’t gotten the two pieces for that build yet but will get them soon and give that a shot as well . All I know is , the Frostburns are working good with my current setup and weapon choice . I explained what I was using for weapon at the top post and told people it was working good for how I am currently equipped (weapon selection and ect.) . There’s quite a few ways to set this build up , and this is working good with my particular weapon choice . 20% more to cold damage (60% total now) and then 50% chance to freeze enemies is actually working well . I just thought I would try it after I got the Frostburn and was really surprised at how well it works on my Particular set up . But the real test will be playing higher GR’s with it . That can change drastically as far as certain set ups as we increase GR levels . It may or may not work in that scenario , but it’s really good for how I’m playing at the moment and the gear choice I’m using . As always though , I still value people’s input and your suggestions are really good as well . The the Aughild’s variant is definitely something I want to try later .