Trustworthy Demon Hunters


Hello everyone, as I’m sure anyone reading this has noticed, we have a new forum with trust levels and our post numbers have been reset (I think I had over 5k posts).

I noticed there was a thread on moving the stickies we had in the old forum and there was a discussion on trust levels. So I would like to help the most knowledgeable DH get the trust they deserve by listing some active and trustworthy names for DH knowledge (in alphabetical order). I will also include a short tidbit on why they have my trust (the specialists also have good general knowledge too).

  • DiEoxidE#1987 - UE Multishot stutter-stepping specialist
  • dmkt#1267 - N6M4 Multishot specialist
  • Hebalon#2718 - General knowledge DH
  • Kindergarten#2607 - General knowledge DH
  • kosstheboss#1848 - Top level UE Multishot DH
  • PMG#1510 - General knowledge DH
  • RedCell#1728 - Massive DH data organizer (made the sticky)
  • TastySouP#1157 - DH damage mechanics specialist
  • Varadia#1555 - General knowledge DH

I will abstain from mentioning myself as I feel it goes against the whole idea of trust (would you trust someone who says “believe me!”)? Trust must be earned from others.

Also, this list isn’t complete as there are a lot more DH that have contributed a lot to the community but may not be as active or vocal anymore. If people want, I can add to this list in the future.

Lastly, perhaps eventually, there may be a way to directly see trust levels on the posts so such a list is meaningless but this list hopefully serves to aid those trustworthy DH in increasing their trust rank.


Aww…thanks Iria!

You’re definitely one for the list as well!

We’ve just gotta start popping posts up to be official :slight_smile:


Testing my trust.


Thanks, Iria :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading up on the new forum functionality a plan on giving the sticky a face lift.


Supposedly, you can create Wikis at Trust Level 1. (I could be was wrong :pleading_face: )

You can create Wikis at trust level 3.
You can edit at trust level 2.


I am working in the german forums on this as well. I have the luck to have trust level 3 there directly, so I may can use more functionality there. There are some cool features in the new forums (starting with headlines :joy:), and I really like the new Link feature, so you don’t have to fill your guides with so many cryptic URLs.
But … argh … posting URLs to the game guide requires some trust level …

btw.: Thank you for putting me on the list. However, I do not know whether I can reach trust level 3 here, as my focus is in the german forums. But I think it will become pretty clear after some time which users know something about the DH, and which do not. :bow_and_arrow:


Feel free to re-log and have at it. I’ve given you TL3 to help get Demon Hunters kickstarted. :slight_smile:

It takes me a while to review all the requests (and because it’s a lot of trust to give, I’m being thorough before I change anyone’s permissions), so I’m trying to just snag a few different folks when I can to help each forum get their stride going.


I would absolutely rate Iria#1342 as a valued and trustworthy DH. You have provided many good posts in the old forums and have been very helpful in game via the Demon Hunter community chat.


I’m not a fan of the trust reqs but time will tell. Thanks for creating the list!