Trivial fun test but I tried it anyway

BACKDROP: There was a thread quite a while back, possibly six months ago where Meteorblade demonstrated a character with all primals that were not green. Like most of us, he did not have a perfect wishlist of gear but it worked and he did T16 comfortably and said he could go higher.

So I decided to clean up some of my stash in non-season and found I had enough of some half-decent primals and it could be a fun exercise. It was and if anyone has over 2K paragons he was pretty spot-on the mark.

In order for any combination of non-green, character-class-specific gear to work in ‘random-primal-mode’, it became evident just how many skills still needed tweaking. While this thread may die a quick and natural death, the developers do need to ramp up the non-obvious skills in each character class. As a very small example, spike trap, elemental arrow and chakram for DH, Bone spirit necro, Acid cloud WD etc etc etc…

If that was done, then it might be realistic for random combo builds to use any of the skills available effectively when getting random primal drops, and have an all non-green primal set that any non-botter acquires have a degree of competitive facility, and possibly worth keeping instead of dismissing.

EDIT: tested without imbuing the gear or changing the default stats given on the gear it did T16 without issues.

The better LoD builds for any class all work fine with all Primals.
Should get into gr 90-100+ for some, with little trouble…
Ie., HotA, frenzy. etc.

You missed the point - when you do not get the default LoD builds is my point - using primals that do not have those weapons and affixes in an all-primal build but have other skills that have not been boosted.

EDIT: I have an LoD HotA build that does 115 easily but it is not all primal - I should be so lucky… a DH rapid-fire that does over 120 so on and so forth, but none of them are all primal.
Making a build from only primals is the idea…not so easy unless the game completely occupied a person’s life and in my case it definitely does not.

Ok, guess I did miss your point.

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Not a problem. Making a useful all-primal build unless you have 10,000+ paragons or play non-stop, is not easy for anyone.

I had a look at my stuff but I’m missing the pants.

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Just wear some rare pants and dye them red at the Mystic.


you and the pants thing again :rofl::medal_sports:

Yeah, but this time I’m suggesting actually wearing some!

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