Trag'Oul, Inarius and LoD

On the current patch, the best build for Trag’Oul, Inarius and LoD Necro is Corpse Explosion. But with the Funerary Pick and Iron Rose buffs, I fear that all these ladder boards will now be played with only Death Nova. I think it would be better if Death Nova is used for Trag’Oul, and Corpse Explosion kept for LoD and Inarius.

To make this possible, some of the Funerary Pick/Iron Rose bonus needs to be moved to Trag’Oul set bonus.

Suggestion 1: the power “Attacking with Siphon Blood has a 100% chance to cast a free Blood Nova.” Is moved from Iron Rose to Trag’Oul Set (it doesn’t matter if it’s the 2, 4 or 6 piece bonus)

Suggestion 2: Siphon Blood/Power Shift only benefits all skills if you’re wearing Trag’Oul set.

Pls fix

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Agreed. Also perhaps they should find a way to make Grim Scythe the top build for Inarius, since it was originally designed to be the dedicated ‘melee’ set.

Sorry, but… that’s a dumb idea.

Having the leaderboard change from season to season, so that people playing different sets/builds is kind of the purpose of these changes. Why would you NOT want to change your build from last season to this next season?

Having it setup as it is currently also gives better build flexibility than your suggestion, which is something we’re severely lacking.

If you don’t like the nova build, don’t play it. Your CE LoD build will still be just as powerful this season as it was last season, and it may be even better with the Golem Power (as bad as that power is).

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Strongly disagree. Last thing you want is not to shake meta with any new changes or to pigeon hole builds. Funerary pick need to stay global to add more weapon variety.

CE can still be top of solo push for enthusiasts, (Shimizu isnt for everyone) as long as you maintain the power balances. Powershift nerf is in the right direction.

Set bonuses should be stronger than LoD. LoD should provide more versatility. GS top of Inarius will limit sim performances on some mid range occy, gating the stutter step locking sim playstyle, but different playstyle is good.