Trag Blood Nova

Now, I’m not THAT good at crafting theory, but I have to ask:

WHY would I use the Trag set with Iron Rose/Bloodnova if I can get the exact same build going with Inarius? The extra healing and Runes don’t really seem to compare with the Health Costs and the (still not great but) better protection of Inarius…

What would be the ideal build with Trag/Nova, because I can’t figure out anything that doesn’t work better with Inarius…

Something like:

F.Pick, Iron Rose, Nayr’s, Guardian’s set, Trag’Ouls set, Dayntee’s and RoRg in cube, krysbin and coe equipped. Squirts, nems, and your choice of DR/damage boost in any of the 6 slots that Trag uses.

Setup for poison damage and keep the bonus rolling. You’ll have 8-9m hp, 2bn toughness, heal to full in less than a second while casting blood siphon, and essentially be unstoppable.

But you will need a lot of density to really shine. The problem is that a lot of density with 2bn toughness will still likely get you 1 shot if the GR is high enough or your buffs fall off.

It clears pretty well and has more health and toughness than Inarius but probably less DR.

I actually prefer blood mage build over nova, it’s faster in lower tiers, a little more squishy (only about 600-800m toughness with my build), but doesn’t require managing buff stacks. You can literally just run in, drop some mages, and run around while stuff dies. It’s going to be 10-15 levels behind nova though when pushing.

Edit: Instead of squirts and coe you can use Traveler’s Pledge and Compass rose for more toughness while on the move. But you sacrifice a lot of damage and unless you’re doing 125+ you shouldn’t need that much toughness.

Everyone keeps sleeping on Lornelle’s Sunstone with Trag’s. It’s the DR everyone is looking for


Finaly someone. But the arguement is always it won’t fit because of CoE. Well don’t use a dmg duff if you need DR.

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Yes. So many of these arguments try to treat DR and Health as mutually exclusive. Lornelle’s is weak to really big hits that can bypass its enormous damage reduction potential but that’s largely negated by the big health pool Trag Ouls provides. This combo can take that big hit, use this massive damage reduction to prevent cascade failure, then quickly heal back up.

I’m not going to say they won’t further tweak Trag Oul’s toughness, but i do think the tweaks so far have shown the concept works.

Where were you guys when i needed counter arguements againts some math geeks, that said Lornell’s don’t worth it? :laughing:

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I love Lornelle’s! Especially when I run around with 5 mil hp. I get 85.5% dr with 500k hp left :joy:


Why inarius and not simply LoD?

I know but some hard core dmg is everything crybabys can’t comprehend the concept. And argue that the set needs a DR bonus.

Let’s boost the set damage a little higher, keep the set DR how it is :joy: and have people use the other means of protection in the game already :wink:

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I have a couple posts on this since the changes were announced. I don’t get into longstanding arguments on forums, though, because it’s pretty pointless once people’s opinions become entrenched. I make my point and move on.

I tend to avoid them as well because i don’t like to feed the trolls. Most of the time it always resorts back to “lol at your post count” or “you hardly even play the game” followed by “your opinion is irrelevant” :joy:

Nah they were just on the opinion of, more dmg from Krysbin and CoE is BiS, and Lornelle’s doesn’t fit, and/or not worth swaping one of those rings. So they need DR on the set bonus, instead of a supporting item. Which is foolish.

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“Sometimes the best offense is a good defense” - Storm :joy:

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inarius was a great set back when it proc’d mirinae but since then it seems like nobody uses it. Glad to see thinking outside the box now.

Inarius is used as the melee necro build. Poison Scythe and stuff.

Well, I just tested with Lornelle’s…
It’s nice, because I can stand in a GR128 with 10m hp, and toughness scaling from 1.5bn to 6bn depending on my health pool, without proc’ing a cheat death for several minutes no problem.

The issue is, that I can literally spend the entire time in the GR 'til the timer expires, without killing a single elite. or seeing any progress on the bar.

That’s with everything fully augmented with intellect, Krysbin’s in the cube and all the usual stuff for a blood nova build.
I’ve tried with a less tanky build, intellect instead of vitality in paragon, Zei’s for the +stun proc instead of Invigorating (so I have to move from freeze traps etc…).
It’s still fairly tanky with ~7m hp and up to 5bn toughness, but I still can’t kill anything of use.

I’m not sure if Blizz have already changed something, or if it’s just me, but how are people doing GR150 with the death nova build when i’m fully augmented, have over 900 paragon, and can’t even kill a single elite in 15 minutes (surrounded by a ton of trash before anyone jumps in and says it’s trash at single target).

The ring isn’t a bad option at all, but there’s something missing with regards to damage in this build/set, and we really don’t need 6bn toughness if the highest it can push is 120/125.

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So we agree, that Trag’s need more dmg, not more DR. Splendid!


Don’t forget Squirts, which is probably the biggest problem child here, used whether people can afford the damage reduction loss or even have a way to keep it up in the first place. Those 3 jewelry items plus a RORG (if set) and you got the cookie cutter jewelry setup, usually accompanied by 3 damage gems to complete the ensemble.

Necros are squishy, even compared to their ranged brethren. Not having a good bracer option for most builds hurts there, but at the same time I feel Necros don’t take advantage of mitigation options as well as they could, either. Seems like a Band of Might or a Halo of Karini gets used way more than something like a Lornelle’s Sunstone and probably because they’re just easier to use. Necros depend more on this swingy health bar that could probably function better but also I don’t think people really like it, either.

It would be easyer if it would take an accumulated health loss value to proc a… let’s say… 75-80% DR for x seconds, and it could be refreshed. Maybe? Yay? Nay?