Torment levels - 'Horses for courses'



I am pretty new to Diablo. I began playing it on PS4 in April this year. I only play it offline solo.

In most games I will play on the lowest level, I am a ‘casual’ gamer in the sense that I don’t mind some challenge, but I won’t die a hundred times in an hour in order to see the next level.

I realised quickly that Diablo 3 allowed me very fine control over the difficulty level and I really liked that.

From reading these forums for the last few weeks it seems that in the minds of most players there is an assumption that everyone is pushing to play T16 and not just survive it , but finish a GR on T16 in 3 or 4 mins.

I have followed several of the ‘top tier’ builds from Icy Veins in the hope that I could even comfortably clear T15 GR in about 10 minutes. I did achieve that, on more than one character, eventually, but the process of levelling gems and reforging legendaries in the cube and farming the mats by doing bounties (on reflection) seemed more like a job and less like fun.

So now I look at the game differently. I set my torment level to a GR clearing time that equates to ‘fun’ for me. So, if I can clear a GR on T13 in under 5 minutes but at T14 it all slows down to around 8 or 9 minutes, then I keep that character/build on T13 without any desire or hope to move up to T14. I don’t play for progression anymore, once I discover the limits of the builds I have, I just stick at that level and ‘enjoy’ the game.

I don’t think there’s much wrong with the game, for me, the frustration only ever comes when I really want a drop, like that final ancient to make a LoN set, or another ancient to improve a 6 piece set. At those times I stop enjoying the game.

I have several T14 builds (across 5 of the 7 classes) and my others are T13 and T12. My stash and mules are bursting …

I did read someone post here that they preferred slightly lower than T16 torment levels because they said there was less “button mashing”. That seemed a rare sentiment , but it made me think I should post my viewpoint too.

I am not criticising anyone here, I am just sharing my experiences and ideas about the game.


It depends what “endgame” means to you.

Those chumpstains that are obsessed with leaderboards care too much about ranking. An empty reward with nothing tangible to go with it. They’ve turned a game that’s supposed to be fun into a job. So embarrassing.

Your endgame can be:

  • being able to comfortably farm T16 with your favorite class or all classes.
  • reaching Paragon 1000 or 2000.
  • completing all achievements.
  • decked all in primals.
  • completing all sets for all classes, etc

It’s whatever you want it to be.


You have a sensible approach. One which also turns out to be more mathematically viable! :wink:
I.e. you got more loot from 4 fast T13 rifts than you get from 1 slow T16 one! :wink:

As a side note, have you tried Hope of Cain recipe in the cube?
It’s the most common way to get very hard to get legendary! :wink:



Yes , I have used Hope of cain. It has helped for sure :slight_smile: … memorably, on my Wizard I wanted a ‘Myoken Ball of hate’ as ancient… and Hope of cain delivered.