Top weapon setup for WWRend

I’m torn on what final setup to shoot for/augment for a WW push build.

Istvan paired -Ambo in cube

Ambo and Doombringer - Furnace in cube

Furnace - Ambo in cube

or Dual Sunkeepers - Ambo in cube

All have different merits, but since the value of attack speed is somewhat capped by two rend dots per second with Lamentation, I’m leaning toward a dual Sunkeepers or furnace worn setup.

Any one have experience or advice to share? I’m still early in my progression with BK swords and don’t have the other items as ancients to test yet.

From my experience with non-season CC variant of the build, I find Istvan’s Blades to be the most effective for solo pushes and speed 110s.

Nope. Sun Keeper is unique equip.

Personally I’m running bk swords atm. But only because rngesus hates me when it come to decent ib blades. But honestly it’s looking like ib will be the way to go for speeds.

Bk for speeds(unless low paragon and you need the toughness/damage) IB for push.

Up to 120 I clear the same time with bk or ib. Ib not clear winner till 123ish, and it’s most notable on RG in terms of damage.

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Thanks everyone. I didn’t know sunkeepers could not be dual wielded.

Am I correct in assuming the IB blades 30% damage bonus is a separate multiplier and not DIBS?

Correct, but that doesn’t mean the IB set is the “best.”

There are three potential weapon setups to use, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Many folks use the IB setup, but fail to consider that using the BK swords allows you to keep Bloodfunnel and Into the Fray, the latter of which can be a huge DPS boost in density.

For more information, consult the complete guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

Thanks for the link to the guide. That was very helpful in answering my questions on mechanics

I’m non season 2000 Paragon I’m working on 125 at the moment I use BK swords

Yo Free, rate my WW setup pls :stuck_out_tongue:. When you come over to this side, let me know.

As i already wrote in guide thread:
With IB you can have Into the Fray -> LPH on sword (in place of 10% dmg roll). This is only 3-5% dmg loss (Into the Fray is much more gain).

For Crimson/CoE (without BoM) variant IB is best option.